How Would You Improve The Site? (Cont'd)


@grant How about we can use our points to buy logos for our Basic Plus / Basic names? (or even just searchable Basic Plus names).

It would make our points useful and tidy the marketplace as a whole.

Thanks for your consideration.


My 2 cent view,its better to increase the commission incase creative pay the renewal fee, like if previously was 25% then increase commission till 27.5% - 30%.


If creatives can buy logos for Basic names, what would be the point of premium listings anymore?


Basic names are not in the marketplace. Some basic plus are listed in the marketplace under everything else.

Not everyone will want a logo, it would mainly be domain owners that would never remove their names and want their landing page to look good. It would also encourage domains owners to stay here, if they’ve invested something into their own landing page.


Make things smaller by getting rid of so much empty space. That looks good on the customer side, but for the sellers, it isn’t as necessary because it makes everything so spread out that it becomes annoying to navigate.


@AbleBrands - Currently we are experiencing a fairly high volume of premium submissions; and therefore, we do not have the capacity to take on additional logo design requests. Still, we may consider this recommendation in the future.


@grant many thanks for taking the time to respond.



How does this work please?

The best part is that you earn affiliate commissions whenever someone makes a purchase or launches a contest after clicking on a name from your website. Even if the customer buys a name that does not belong to your catalog, you will still earn the affiliate commission!

There is nothing on the affiliate page about earning money for marketplace sales

Answered by Mae, blue button. $35. But for your info, it’s not on the affiliate page for other people to know.

BTW, this is a fantastic idea!

And another BTW, our custom URL doesn’t work anymore. I’m assuming you have to tweak something because of these changes?

Is it possible to put affiliate links in our portfolio page? If not, it’s OK, I’ll set up a website.



While submitting an entry to a contest, along with “My Entries” and “Instant Recommendations” it would be nice to also have a tab of Premium and Basic Listings. Or recommendations pulled from Premium/Basic Listings.


I did it on my site and it embeds your portfolio so it is scrollable. It is super cool. However, @Grant, only a small part of my portfolio appears.


@TTCworks - Thank you for this idea. We will incorporate this feedback into one of our future platform updates. Due to the consistent number of updates we make, this may take some time.

@Commulinks - Sometimes the infinite scroll feature requires you to scroll toward the bottom of the page before it triggers. If you continue to have this problem, please share your site with the Customer Service team and we’ll look into the issue.


(1) We are currently working on some updates to the Affiliate Page to make it more inclusive of our full program :slight_smile:

(2) I have let the engineering team know about the issues with the custom URL. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

(3) To allow proper tracking and keep things streamlined, affiliate links can be added to pages outsides Squadhelp, but not to pages within


Hi, can a Squad make available the addition of our personal logos to the domains from the Basing Listing Pro (if they are been searchable)


That is an interesting idea, Edukar! I don’t have a personal logo… or really I can’t do that because it belongs to my company which is only barely related… but it would be cool to do something!


I have many friends of designers who can draw logos on my domains for the small fee they get from me after the sale. I believe that if the domains from the Basic listing Pro are indexed and visible on the market, it need them to look beautiful.


Now theres possibility to transfer ownership to another creatives on sh. How can i make offer to those creatives? :smiley:, can i send private messages or what?


I was wondering about that, too, FX! How does this happen? Who asked for this? And, I really really wish this was possible for SH owned domains!
So, I will “put it out there”… if any creative who owns some great names needs to let go of some names they have in the marketplace because they can’t renew them, let me know!


but this domain transfer only for creative owned domains. But will be fun if also for SH owned domains ( can just transfer the listing to another creatives, while domain still belong to SH, so in case domains sold, the new creative which will receive the commission ). Maybe some creatives have extra money and want to acquisition other names on SH, and the other ones may need extra cash quickly.

Edited: if anyone want to send pm about their domains to me, i am open :smiley:


That’s what I am saying too. I’m sure there are creatives dropping names that SH owns because they don’t want to pay the renewal. I would love to be able to get some of those and pay the SH renewal fee.


The number of domains a creative is able to submit to the Marketplace (from past contests) should be the number on the left of the comma of their submission approval rate. For example, a creative with an approval rate of 5,26% should be able to submit 5 domains at a time.


@Edukar - To ensure the consistency and quality of marketplace logos, as well as to protect against copyright issues, marketplace logos can only be created by our internal team.

@fxpreneur @Commulinks - At this time, owned domains can be transferred to another Creative. We are building additional features to allow more communication and to support transfers.

Currently, domain transfers are restricted to seller owned domains. We may consider opening this up to Squadhelp listings in the future.

@DNFront - Thank you for this feedback. We continue to assess submission limits and make updates to ensure we are able to review submission in a timely fashion.