How Would You Improve The Site? (Cont'd)


also soon there are many renewals coming, and the option only 2 which are either creatives pays the renewal or drop the domains, there are no longer option which said sh will pay the renewal.

Example a creative has 100 marketplace domains, 80 domains which owned by squadhelp, and 20 domains owned by creative.
example for squadhelp owned domains
total renewal fees = 80 *10 = $800 ( creative will pay the renewal )
in a year sometimes sold 2 - 5 domains, creative commission ( $600 - $1500 ), so the commission just go around to cover the renewal fees of other domains, and not much left for creative.
i hope indeed SH can increase the comission this way will help creative to renew the domains instead of droping them.

Example of another case
renewal 20 domains = $200, meanwhile only sold 1 domains which owned by SH, this way 70% commission only to cover for the renewal fees of other 19 domains… :disappointed_relieved::tired_face:

Maybe can work like this, for those domains which SH no longer interested to renew, in case creatives choosed to renew the domains, then SH can transfer the ownership to them (or just raise the commission till at least 57% - 63%)
this will help creatives so much to renew other domains, and also SH will still get benefit from it,instead to drop many domains.

sorry for my bleh english.
thank you.


I’ll prefer both domain sales amount and contest won price to be paid at once, rather than splitting it and paying them differently. For those of us using payoneer, for every transaction, 3 dollars is been deducted, so paying it twice amount to 6 dollars deduction when we can pay just 3 dollars if paid once.


I am not opposed to promoting our own domains, as I own many. And I agree that clients need to be educated about the domain market. But if the client was initially against the purchase of premium domains, he could immediately indicate this information in the brief. That’s all I’m trying to say.


Hi Commulinks, in reading your post I’m wondering what added benefits there might be for CH? Just curious, I would possibly like to share the info with CH as well. Thanks Shanna


Mainly the logo comes with it. I think there may be more…


Hi @GibbonTake - Please work directly with the Customer Service team via the Blue Button. At this time, this issues should be fixed across most devices. We will need some specific details from you in order to troubleshoot the problem. Thanks!


Thank you for this thought. I will share it with the team, and we will keep it in mind for future updates.


@fxpreneur - At this point, most domain renewals include the option where you do not have to pay for the $10 fee. If you have examples where you are not seeing this option, you can share them with the Customer Service team via the blue button, and we will look into the situation for you. Importantly, usually, these options are assigned 2-3 months before the domain exportation date.


Hi @Muyi4every - Thank you for this recommendation. Unfortunately, the technical implantation is not feasible at this time. An alternative may be to let earnings accumulate in your account for some duration before making each withdrawal.


We find that asking about a customer’s domain budget up front is not very helpful. Most people do not know their exact expectations; and if they are presented with a domain that they really like, they are willing to spend $1000, $2000, or even more.


As a domain owner, naturally I want as many options as possible to get sales. However, the main advantage of a domain marketplace to me is that it’s supposed to passively get me sales and free more time to make more money actively while those domains passively make money in the background. I like having the option to pitch domains and sometimes pitch domains to $300+ contests because I figure chances might be higher that the CHs have a bigger budget. But pitching marketplace domains blindly to every CH at Squadhelp without knowing if they’re even remotely open to that option is at least for me a waste of time so I don’t do it. Even if I get a sale or sales as a result, it’s not worth the wasted time pitching to everyone. It’s kind of the virtual equivalent of going door to door and trying to sell something to someone who hasn’t expressed interest in it. It’s a business model that can work for some and sales do happen, but personally I prefer to know that when I’m pitching something, the other side has some sort of possible interest in it. If SH can at least get some sort of indication from CHs who absolutely have no desire or budget to buy a domain so pitching to those could be avoided, then pitching domains to more CHs would make more sense to me. That’s my 2 cents worth.


I do understand what you guys are saying but I’ve sold domains in the marketplace to $100 contests. I think if they just fall in love with a name, then they want it and that’s it. The purpose of the installments is supposed to help these guys.

Obviously, if you are only entering marketplace names into every contest it’s a waste of everyones time, but if you are doing 3 or 4 entries, and 1 is a marketplace name then it’s worth taking that chance. Like I said, I’m selling them this way.


@AbleBrands I have no doubt that it’s possible and is happening. However, wouldn’t it be easier for you if you knew which CHs have absolutely no budget or interest in buying even if it’s in installments? Even if a small percentage of these CHs can somehow be convinced to buy something- concentrating efforts on the ones who are open to it coming in would be much more productive, IMO.


I am with @AbleBrands on this. A CH does not necessarily know that they can come up with in the budget to buy the name that they decided was perfect, until it is in front of them. I have also sold names in $100 contests. and sometimes that is some of my Basic Plus names. SH gives CHs a discount and I have had CHs who have really wanted my name and worked with SH to settle on it on way or another. CHs also get a payment plan if they need that!

We already had a system where the CHs could choose the open or not to premiums option and it was a fail. We need to stick with what is working, IMHO.

IMHO, many CHs do not know the value of a 5 letter domain or a name that just sings for them until they come here and try. I do not ever feel it is a waste of time to sub my premiums to contests.

I have other thoughts on this in terms of what people are “giving away”… but I can’t really get into that more than just saying that and knowing you will get it.


I think we just have different approaches to this and that makes sense because in domaining different things work for different people.

If I had solid data, I could evaluate this situation better. Since I don’t have data, I’m operating on instincts and those tell me that buyers in most cases don’t feel like spending more than they intended to, which to me equals a lot of wasted time on pitches to CHs who would never buy a domain so it’s pitching to a wall without knowing you’re pitching to a wall. Selling a specific domain to a CH over other options is challenging enough without having to also convince them that they want to buy a domain in the first place if they never intended to. Can it happen? Of course. But not in most cases.

I’m at a point where I want to make efficient use of my time because that time spent pitching to walls that I don’t even know are walls can be spent elsewhere. Plus, I can’t imagine that all CHs are pleased about this situation where they’re getting pitches to expensive domains without even asking for it. But again… one person’s time and how it’s spent is different than another person’s time and how it’s spent. So I don’t have a problem with the situation staying the way it is. I just don’t think it’s the most efficient and logical solution.


@Commulinks p.s. I think that the situation where the CHs used to choose if they are willing to accept or not accept premium domain submissions to their contest may not have worked because it wasn’t explained and implemented properly and caused confusion. I think with the right guidance and explanation about the marketplace before a contest is launched including the option of installments (that didn’t exist back then) and adding an option to define a specific budget for creatives’ suggestions, things could look differently.

At the moment it’s a little like the wild west. If there’s a $100 contest, should a $5000 domain be pitched to it? How about a $50,000 one? Or just $1000-$2000 domains? Who knows and that’s all under the assumption that that specific CH even wants marketplace domains pitched to them. That’s why I think some sort of mechanism that explains things clearly to CHs and helps them help us is better than shooting in the dark and could be helpful both to creatives and CHs.


Personally, I use my own judgment about what I think they might want, and it all depends on what they are asking for. I don’t spend my time pitching names if I think that it is a waste of time. It’s not that different than deciding which contests to participate in from the beginning. I participate in a lot fewer contests now for a number of reasons. I built my portfolio in the marketplace so it can work for me when I can’t be here in person. For you, I’d say that you should just keep doing what you are doing. The marketplace is working for you. The contests are bringing more customers to the marketplace than other sites. I know I can tell you that my names get much more shortlists in SH’s marketplace than they did on another platform - I kept track. I like being able to pitch my names in any contest I choose to take the chance on. But that’s just me.


@Commulinks You have a point. Since I don’t think SH will change the situation, I might try submitting a few more marketplace domains to contests. I’ve reduced overall participation to only $300+ contests in recent months mainly because of my reasoning that those CHs are more likely to buy a marketplace domain since they’re already invested with more money and SH deducts the prize money from a purchase, but I might expand that to $200 contests and pitch some marketplace domains there as an experiment.


I would like to have a third option for the renewal of the domain names in the marketplace that are owned by SH. Currently we can pay $10 for the renewal of the domain and keep the same commission structure and we can have SH pay for the renewal and have the commission reduced. A third option would allow us to “pay” for the renewal using points (say 250 points) and have the commission also reduced but with a smaller reduction than if no payment is made.


@DNFront - Thank you for this idea. We will keep it in mind as we continue to advance the platform.