How Would You Improve The Site? (Cont'd)


I totally agree. One thing, though : it would be nice if new rules will not be issued right away, as this couldn’t be considered an emergency and freelancers need time to reconsider their strategies and actions(this is for first 2 options) - yes, I do have a bad percentage :slight_smile: Seem more than fair to consider acceptance rate.


Thank you for this feedback and your concrete suggestions. We will assess the process, keeping your ideas in mind.


Thanks for implementing the notices regarding submissions of domains to the marketplace (and doing it so quickly). Very helpful!


While the idea is a very good one, I do believe that, when possible, changes should be announced in advance and only affect future actions of creatives. Maybe it would not be a bad idea if in let’s say 2-3 months from now, to recalculate the acceptance rate starting today- so to only consider submissions under the new rule?


Changes are already implemented, and I must say they hit me hard :slight_smile: but I think it’s better to be limited to less entries then get the message “we have 500 entries…”. What I would appreciate is if we got an email when our entries are accepted / rejected so we know when we can submit next batch.


I would like to have the ability to remove my <3 from a CH’s contests. We can hit the <3 but we cannot remove it.


I noticed we also cannot “unheart” in “My Entries”


I was wondering if SH could fix an issue. When we search our entries for domain registrations, it obviously comes up with all of our marketplace names because they are registered. Could those be filtered out please?


@Commulinks and @littodino,

Thank you for these ideas. We will keep them in mind as we continue to advance the platform.

With regard to the My Entries Registered Domains filter, we will include this fix in one of our future platform updates. Due to the consistent number of updates we make to the platform, this may take some time.


One thing I would love to see on the SquadHelp site is a place where we can go to see updates to briefs in contests that we have entered. I know that we have the option to get these by e-mail, but It would be so much easier to get these notifications in a similar way as we do for comments on our entries, right here within the platform (if possible). Thanks…and thank you for everything you do here.


Squadhelp: I was wondering of you could set up a means by which we could designate a family member as a beneficiary if something happens to us. It would be great if we could put that info into our profile so you know, for example, if my husband contacted Squadhelp to say that something happened to me, that you would already know who he is and could trust it is him and he could take over my account and receive my payments. So he could transfer domains when there are sales… or maybe even have the option of transferring all my domains to Squadhelp and just receive the money. Thanks!


That’s an awesome idea. I never gave that a thought. Thank’s for suggesting it.:smile:


@grant as my marketplace listings grow, the page “Your Marketplace Listings - Approved” is getting slower and slower to load (it’s currently just over a minute). Is it possible to split this somehow to speed up the process?

Approved - Premium
Approved - Basic Plus
Approved - Basic


Holy Moly SH, you did that so fast! Thank you, it’s much faster.


We will include this in one of our future platform updates. Thank you for this idea.


Hi @Commulinks - Thank you for this thoughtful suggestion. Moving in this direction would be a significant platform decision, which we will certainly keep in mind for the future. Sharing account credentials with your significant other or someone you trust might be one way to ensure access to your account.


Thank you, Grant! Just so you know…sharing credentials will only go so far if someone dies. Bank accounts and Paypal have to get shut down (when accounts are not joint). So it would truly help to be able to have a designee or two so that if a family member contacts you, after never having any experience on Squadhelp at all, can easily make the transition during what would be an overwhelming time. Even if we are sick for long periods, someone has to take over. thanks.


I would like the opportunity to decide how much money I request for withdrawal.
The way it works now, if I ask for payment, my whole account balance is transferred.
I would like to be able to leave money in my account to cover marketplace renewal fees instead of going negative and owing SH money.


@LisaMac - Thank you for sharing this idea with us. We will keep it in mind as we continue to advance the platform.


I’ve harped on this a lot but I am going to continue. $100 award contests should be eliminated. When a CH is asking for a 5 letter exact .com in a $100 award contest, it should not be allowed. These contests should be restricted. 5 letter exact .com domains are for higher end contests or the marketplace only. It’s time to make the change, Squadhelp. $90 for exact .coms for creatives is not fair or right and it is probably hurting other sales on the platform. Seriously, time to change.