How Would You Improve The Site? (Cont'd)


I’ve only been blocked once…and it was only after one entry. At the time…I thought…what can the CH tell from one entry? So it kind of upset me. Since many times the CH changes direction, or is not particularly clear about what they want…I usually throw an entry or two in that I think might work to test the waters, so to speak…then can adjust my entries according to what response I get.Very often the first entry (or few) provide both the CH and creative good info about what they are looking for. Sometimes the CH doesn’t know til they see entries they like, what they like, and then can more clearly elucidate.Many times at first, it’s more of a shot in the dark,especially in contests where the brief doesn’t offer many clues/info. If I try a few entries in different directions and all are rejected…then I usually take myself out of the contest, as I surmise our creative ideas don’t align.
To me, to block someone on one entry, or even a few entries, is a little premature,given the nature of naming. Unless someone is really entering totally off the wall or horribly substandard entries… I don’t see the point of a block…as it not only hurts the creative who is usually seriously trying their best to submit appropriate entries…but also cuts the CH off from a potentially winning name once the creative can see the direction the CH is moving in and adjust their entries. I think Kas’s suggestion makes more sense. I like to think it is always better to take an informative approach rather than a punitive one.


Thank you, Grant! To be clear (because I forgot to say this)… the problem is that the ratings need to be there for them to be VISIBLE IN THE MARKETPLACE… not just to upgrade to basic plus. I think that is what you meant, but I wanted to make sure! This is great.


I can’t even really say this is a suggestion to SH…but boy, would I ever like to know which CHs are blocking contestants and how many before I get in the game! Seems fair to me… but highly unlikely SH would do it.

So sorry for your block problems Kasinsky. I really like your work.

I never win anymore… but I admire those who do!


Thank you for this feedback. As a bit of background, the primary goal of the block function is to reduce the number of abandoned contests. If a CH is certain that they do not want to see any more submissions from a specific creative, they have the option to block them. In our experience, this leads to a more efficient contest process for both the CH and the creative - it also minimizes a high number of rapid submissions which are not aligned with the brief. This feature is not easily accessible to Contest Holders. It takes a bit of work within the system to access the function and block a creative - the CH also receives a warning when they are attempting to block a certain creative.

Based on current insights, we believe that by-and-large this function is being used sparingly and appropriately by the vast majority of Contest Holders. Still, we will continue to monitor the use of this feature.

One situation that has been reported to us by Contest Holders is name submissions that disregard very specific instructions within a contest brief (e.g. Do not submit names with the word Force in them). Submitting names that disregard specific instructions from the brief can lead a CH to block a Creative, even if the CH has previously provided high ratings on other entries from that Creative .

Most importantly, the number of blocks on their own do not lead to a reduction in percentile score. We evaluate this on a relative basis, in comparison to other creatives. For example, if one creative is blocked from 10% of contests they participated in, they will likely see a dramatic reduction in their percentile score compared to other creatives who are only blocked 2 or 3% of time.

As long as you continue to follow the best practices for entry submissions this should not lead to a material change in your percentile score over time.


Since SH getting bigger and worldwide, i hope theres no more like backlog problem when trying to submit marketplace domains. thank u.



Would it be possible to have the installment facility for Basic Plus names that are ‘visible in the marketplace’ please?

Thanks for your consideration.


ooo i just know about this, thank you @AbleBrands for bringing this up.


I reported this a while ago, too! GMTA


Hi @AbleBrands,

Thank you for this suggestion. As a bit of background, it takes us a significant amount of time to coordinate installment payments on a monthly basis. For this reason, we do not plan on expanding installment plans beyond the Premium Marketplace listing level at this time. This may change in the future.


In “My Entries” can we have a sort by domain length? Like 5, 6, 7, 8 characters?


Hi @littodino - Thank you for this suggestion. We will consider adding the feature as we continue to improve the platform.


Oh and not to add to the list… but a “.com only” filter :blush: Would save a lot of time for MP submissions.


Yup, mine does that too, but only for a split second and then goes back to solid with no number unless I have notifications.


I love the new look of the Marketplace Dashboard (Beta) :heart:!


@grant Could we have a referral link to our own marketplace please?


Hi @AbleBrands,

We agree. This could be a valuable addition to our affiliate tools – however, it might take some time to develop.


Why is it that SH doesn’t show the public what has been sold in the marketplace recently
? Or is it just me who cannot see it?


Hello, I was wondering if we can upload our own logos / Stockphotos to the Basic & Basic Plus Listings. I’m not sure if this has been asked before, I did search the forum but didn’t find anything pertaining to logos for Basic Listings. Thanks.


@NelmaG - Recently sold names are listed at the bottom of the Marketplace & Owned Domains page in your account.

@TTCworks - Thank you for this comment. It is something we’ve considered. However, at this time, we have chosen to ensure a consistent platform experience by having our team create all logos within the Marketplace.


SH team, please find a solution to the backlog in submissions issue that causes you to block the ability to submit domains to the marketplace. On the one hand you guys encourage more and more creatives to join the platform. But on the other hand, once you get to 500 submissions- you block the ability to submit domains. And to make matters worse- there’s no way for creatives to know when it’s blocked until they try to submit a domain + they don’t know when it’s unblocked so they could submit again. That creates a situation where people have to keep wasting time trying their luck to see if it’s currently blocked or not. Options to consider:

  1. Giving each creative a defined number of submissions per day / per week / per month based on their acceptance rate and/or number of sales.

  2. Limiting creatives who are submitting too many unsuitable entries further.

  3. If you must block submissions, adding a notice that submissions are currently blocked and then removing that notice when it’s possible to submit again. The notice should be in the dashboard so people could know before trying to submit if they can or they can’t submit.

If people have other/better ideas, please chime in. Thanks for the consideration.