How Would You Improve The Site? (Cont'd)


How to improve the site? Stop taking 10% off of every winning entry for the sake of transfering the award to us. What CH is paying for us to get, we should get it, because not only they are paying for the award but also for everything from launching the contest to managing it with SH and so on. Our creativity & engagment should be only pieces that we put to grow the platform. All the monetary profit should come from CH’s + Marketplace + ads.


I guess the 10% charge is for the site maintenance, however, if it can be reduce to 5% will be great @grant


You mean “maintenance”, right?:slight_smile: Who should pay for that: we or CH’s?:slight_smile:


I believe it was mentioned before and someone explained it was tax deduction, I am not from US so I don’t know how it works, just remember reading something about it on this forum.


The 10% fee is not about taxes or maintenance.
This administration fee covers the cost of Squadhelps payment escrow as well as processing of payment transactions (initially from the contest holder and then to the winner).


Well, still, to be honest, I don’t know why we should be charged with that. Maybe the option should be like this: Every CH has a PayPal account. We have a PayPal account. When CH creates a contest, She/He agrees to the terms of the platform (let’s say they have max 30 days to select the winner) and then transfer the money directly from their PayPal account to our PayPal account. And SH should only step in if for some reason CH didn’t pay.


There has to be an intermediary. Absolutely. Even if it costs me 10%.


That’s just an idea. But do you think, they way the things are right now, that it should stay like that or would you like to change that process in any way?


Well, I have always felt the cost of transferring the prize should be something the CH pays, not us. But since there is no sort of membership fee to participate here, I’m pretty resigned to the current system. The issue has been raised before, and Squadhelp has never budged.


Not trying to bite off your words but we pay the membership fee with every win. Because at the beginning, it’s not a big deal, it’s just 10%, right? But after a while, when you’re winning, it’s not just 10% - it’s a pretty serious money.


Yeah, but if you never win, you never pay, so it’s not quite the same. I’ve been participating for almost 2 years, so I do understand what you mean, though. It adds up. Best not to dwell on it, I think.


I think if they wanted to really get into what the escrow fees and PayPal/Pioneer fees amount to… It might just be more than 10%.
As far as the CH paying the creative directly…bad idea. Where would the recourse be? Right now the money is collected up front and put into escrow until a winner is chosen . What would happen with all the abandoned contests? No more splits. A guaranteed contest would be meaningless because you would have to wait until the CH decides to pay you. Just my two cents worth


I look at the 10% I pay as my stake in Squadhelp. They created this place and that is what I pay for being able to use it. I do not think that is unreasonable. They offer me a great service. I’ve made substantial money here as a result of their work. Sure, I’d love it if it were less money, who wouldn’t? But they didn’t create this site as a free place for anyone. They are intermediaries, too. Every site that offers all kinds of freelancing charges the freelancers and a lot do it the same way.


Well CH does not just pay for our prize, for example if contest award is $100 price is $199, so SH gets $99, and I think that’s fair, it is one of the best platforms in the field. But I was sure 10% deduction had some better explanation… Still, it’s always our choice to be a part of it or not :slight_smile:


To make myself clear - it would be totally fine with the CH money split as you wrote, 100$ for the winner and 99$ for SH but it’s 90$ and 119$ and that’s the smallest award scenario. SquadHelp is definetly the best crowdsourcing site in the world (at least of those that I know), but that definetly doesn’t mean it couldn’t get better.:slight_smile:


Let us not forget that this is a business. There are real people that work at SH. They have payroll and overhead costs like any other business.


Thanks for your feedback. While we are unable to make any changes to the withdrawal fees, please note that these fees directly support our Escrow and Transaction processing fees and cover a portion of the costs that allow us to offer best in class support to our creative community ( 24 X 7 chat support, ongoing platform improvements etc).


And again, this time another Premium Marketplace name with S100 price off is out of the Discount page. Scrolling down to the very bottom doesn’t even reach S100 off (due to high to low sorting). Just FYI. :unamused:


I would allow to buy “image credits” with points (don’t know if anyone has already mentioned this).


Bisabong, I hear you!! It is getting much harder to get names seen all around. I am wondering if you have searched the name by the categories you have them in and then the discount filter? (Is that what you are doing or are you going to the main discount page?).
I do believe most customers will use filters. I look around a lot in the marketplace to see where/if my names are showing very well. That led me to believe that customers would use filters because they would get too many names that don’t relate to their industry. SH announced a boost method yesterday, too. Maybe that will help. I am trying it out.