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So I’m kinda new on this site, about a week old, gotten over 300 points already, want to know how I’ll get an upgrade level, want to be able to participate in more tasks and earlier


Welcome to SquadHelp!
It’s simple really, get good ratings from contest holders and win contests. There are no shortcuts here :slight_smile:


Hello, if I submit a name to marketplace, it would be helpful to get an email notification if my name is rejected. Right now we are only notified if our names are accepted. Thank you.


@grant When a CH extends their contest, you should make it mandatory that they have to give some new information, direction on the comment board. (Many do share info, but I have seen a few now where almost 400 entries are NTY and only around 10 on the right track. No comments on what they don’t like, nothing.) Then they just extend with still no comments. Where do we go with that?


Are we still allowed to submit premium domain names outside of Squadhelp? I couldn’t find the thread that says something about premium domains. Thanks.


@NelmaG You are not allowed to submit them unless the contest specifically has the notation in the brief that says “YourName-SC” … and then you have to tell the CH exactly how much the cost is and also provide a link to where it is for sale.


Thank you @jackieheraty.


My understanding is we are not allowed to submit premium domain names outside of Squadhelp.


Thank you. :smiley: :+1:


As per @Sixthsense’s suggestion, I am re-sharing this idea here.


I just had an idea, posting one of my marketplace domains in a contest. There is just a slight difference between contest award and marketplace commission, and I’m OK with just contest award. That should be an option for creatives, checkbox where we accept contest award, in which case CH doesn’t have to pay any additional money for the domain.


More so lately I have had trouble figuring out exactly what a CHs business is . Even after reading the brief several times it isn’t clear. I am not sure what the solution is, hopefully I am not the only person experiencing this but just thought I would mention it. _


@grant It’s becoming increasingly hard to submit names to the marketplace when only 500 domains are allowed to be pending (it used to be 5000, if I’m not mistaken). There’s also no way to know when the ability to submit again is possible. It’s getting annoying to go there again and again, enter the domain, enter the description, try to submit and then see that submissions aren’t being accepted so the whole thing was for nothing and it needs to be tried again at some later point (without knowing when it will be possible and whether the whole process will be done again just to get the same message or not). I hope you guys can come up with a better system soon. Thanks for the consideration.


Hi everyone! I was wondering if it is not possible to have an easy access to affiliate link on everyone’s own home page? I have to admit that as a new comer ,i spent a lot of time looking for it.


@grant I do not know if this has been brought up in discussions previously, or not. But could we have, on top of the usual notification on the contest brief changes, additions, amendments, etc; some visual highlight on the specific change on the brief body itself ? That would save us so much time trying to figure out what the update is. Thank you for your time


Is there a way to locate specific creative (not here on the forum, but on the contest site), other than through the leaderboards or on the list of contestantes on a particular contest? If there is no way to do this, than here is my suggestion! :smiley:
I think sometimes we would like to look around at what have other creatives have been working on and maybe send them a message. It would be fun to have a page with all the creatives and to be able to sort or search that page and locate a specific one.


I wish there was some easy way to search for creatives. Some I would love to send a personal “Wow” congratulation comment to. There use to be a way to contact members here but I think that went by the wayside a long time ago


I wish the servers wouldn’t stall…


If a name has been entered into a contest (and then deleted b/c of a NTY rating), the name should not be allowed to be resubmitted by another creative - this would be beneficial for both the CH and creatives. (keep : "Sorry, this name has already been submitted into this contest. Please submit a different name".