How will the fee be paid in such cases?

Another hot topic. I filed an option in the competition. Soon this name was registered by another author and submitted to the market for sale. Now the customer has taken this name to the shortlist. How will the fee be paid if the name wins? Thanks for the answer.


This is happening a lot more to me as well. I don’t think they should be allowed to “accept” to the marketplace if it is still in an open contest, rated or not. Currently it is set up that if it has a “love” (I believe) then they cannot submit, but I am having them entered in contests and then gone 1-2 days later before rated. I have to keep checking whois thinking the CH bought the name only to keep seeing SH as the owner.


Isn’t it awesome to see names that you use listed on squadhelp? :)) Especially when they were rejected when you proposed them. On topic: the one that submitted the name must get paid, no matter what happens after that and the contest holder should pay normal price (I know this would happen if you would have proposed the name on the marketplace- right?!). Not sure how the other creative could be compensated, though.


This has happened to me, too. If the CH is looking for a domain, then I guess it depends on if they are willing to pay the marketplace price. In that case, you could still get the win and the prize, and then the marketplace purchase could take place separately. Or they take your name off the shortlist and you lose the win because the domain is now too expensive. Either way, you can’t submit it into any more contests, because someone else owns it now.
@raresfarcas The policy is supposed to be that once a name is submitted and rejected for the marketplace by one creative, it can’t be resubmitted by another creative. Unless maybe the second creative registered the name and listed it as an owned domain, maybe? Idk, maybe the rules have changed since the last time I asked.

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Hi All,

As a summary, this thread is about situations where a Creative submits a domain into a contest, and soon after, that domain is submitted and accepted into the Marketplace.

As some background, with approximately 400 open contests at any given time, there are a ballpark of 200,000 active submissions on the Squadhelp platform. If one of these submissions is shortlisted in a contest, it will be blocked from submission into the Marketplace. Previously, we had more restrictions, but based on the feedback form the community, we now only block names that are shortlisted in contest.

In the rare situations that a name is submitted into a contest by one Creative, and it is accepted as a Squadhelp Owned Marketplace domain under another Creative, AND that names ends up winning the contest, here is what happens:

(1) The Creative who submitted that name into the contest wins the award amount. (2) If the customer wishes to buy the marketplace name, we will work with them to figure out the exact price and any applicable discount.

Also, if a name is rejected from the Marketplace, it can not be submitted again by a different creative. The only exception is if someone buys that same domain. In that scenario, it is possible that we might accept the name again (as it is now owned by a different creative). However if the name was previously rejected, likelihood of it it getting accepted again in the marketplace is fairly small.


Hmmm, I didn’t knew that names can’t be resubmitted by another creative (unless it’s registered and resubmitted- also, basic listing is an option for this). I thought resubmitting is possible, as marketplace context can change. I honestly don’t know how old is the marketplace, but in the long term this policy might not prove helpful, due to market conditions changing. Maybe after a long period of time(1-2 years?!), names should be reenabled for submission? One idea: if a rejected name gets to a certain number of love it/likes after rejection, SH could be automatically announced and maybe reevaluate the name. I see no reason why if a name is not considered suitable now, it couldn’t be reconsidered in 1-2 years time. So, I think a policy change in the future might benefit SH and creatives.
On topic: I suppose that with the marketplace price, chances to have your name selected in this particular unusual situation are not very high. I suppose contest holders would also not be very happy in this kind of situation. But seems hard to balance things, considering the creative that proposed it to marketplace and SH investment in registry, maybe logo, advertising.

SH constantly reviews and reevaluates rejected names, I had many names rejected at first, and then approved by SH after some time.


That’s awesome! Thanks for letting me and maybe others know that.