How well do you do with "catchy and intriguing" briefs?

I’ve been on SH for long enough to realize which types of contests I rank better in than others. Fintech, start-up, biomed; Yup. Wellness, beauty, life coaching; Nope. But regardless of business category, the one briefing style I find the hardest is the one that asks for a “catchy and intriguing” name. Maybe it’s cultural thing, and my sense of humor being Canadian via England just doesn’t translate well here. I do follow-up to see the winners and sometimes feel that the winning name although quite worthy, can be something of a dull thud in (what I would define) as “catchy or intriguing”. How do other creatives approach this type of brief?!


I just try a couple different type of names and move on until they rate. What they call “catchy” isn’t what I think is catchy either. (most of the time).


Yup, Exactly
I get it a kick out seeing the winning names of some contests and realizing how far in another direction I was :laughing:


The briefs with 10 aligned emotions and 5 ideas and info they don’t actually want us to use drive me nuts. Sometimes it gives a lot to play off and sometimes its a wild goose chase. I wouldnt worry so much about where you are from. My attempts at local lingo almost always fail.
There are some I connect with and am on fire with ideas and others I strain with effort. I had to google fintek, lol.
The ones where my brain goes off like a pinball machine do not do as well as the ones I struggle with. I used to skip those, but I have won on occasion, so I try to force myself to work on contests that don’t grab me. I always do due dilligence on those, learn something. Your direction is either right or wrong and being wrong on those nights stinks especially if you’ve come up with something you thought was brilliant. Its all so subjective. Plus we, on this side have insider perspective on whats possible.
I never do good on those counseling ones, which is funny since I was a psych major and as the hairclub guy said, “I’m also a client” wink. Well now I just dated myself. Catchy briefs are usually, well, brief. Now quirky… that I can do.


I hear ya! - As a matter of fact, have you seen my Naked Bun?

(This is an inside joke for those of us who have been here since 2014) :wink:


No but you do realize I must see this now. Lol found the thread, it was fun to read, lots of props I had forgotten about some of those killer names and people.