How to protect our Intellectual property?

Today, I just thought to recheck the availability of domain names suggested by me in all of the contest, participated till date.

And surprised to see that 4 domain names of 4 different contests had already been registered (out of these 4 contests, 2 were contests in which winners have yet to be finalized).

Though, in all of the cases, I could not able to establish the relation between CH and Registrant.

Is there anybody else who has faced the same kind of problem? And, if somebody has any solution as how to protect our Intellectual property?

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Happens to us all , alot…
Only way to guarantee not to have it happen is to buy your names that you truly believe are worthy. Obviously you can’t buy all your names, but those special ones you really think are hot, buy them and sell them.

It’s good idea to send mail to the registrant and tell the truth, Ask (of course politely) whether the name was bought from a website or it was ‘original’. If you’ve posted the name at particular website, morally the website admins can’t sell itu without notifying you when somebody bought it.

Afterall, everybody should be advised : NEVER START ANYTHING WITH MORAL RELATED PROBLEMS, IF YOU WANT EVERYTHING WILL RUN WELL. (the law of universe always exists every second)

One more gone!” was submitted by me on 01.10.15 in contest “chat about difficult subjects” which got registered on 29.10.15…

Could be a coincidence?

@mauryamannsingh That is a very good name.

PrivyTalk is still available. I checked several domain sites.

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There is an app called PrivyTalks (ends with ‘s’) that appears to have been discontinued, the .com has been registered since 2011.