How to improve site, delete outdated info, domain categories too tedious

Hi Grant, I did try to correctly post in the right category improve site thread, but found it long, and could not figure out how to post this there. I’ve been away and trying to catch up on policy and knowledge and I read the wonderfully laid out forum guidelines. I am finding things like older posts that violate policy right under a post about policy, and threads from when squadhelp picked the entry on abandoned contests. I’m sure new creatives try to gain understanding here too, and it is downright confusing.
I would really like to see a better way to put in categories when describing domains, as scrolling through a long list is taxing. Even if we had the ability to type in first letter it would help. Pets is a good example, we don’t need pet food, pet supplies, pet blah blah sub categories. Restaurants list every ethnic food imaginable, there is a ton of redundancy, this could be better served by using let’s say Indian or Italian in keywords.
This is like scrolling back through decades of years one at a time to enter birth year. Lots of talk re descriptions lately and your video was awesome, but I think the choices given categories emotions etc need a second look. Also can we move the search feature in the forum away from winners they overlap making topic search difficult. Outdated forum stuff?