How to delete contest tags?

I’m enjoying the new tag feature, but can’t figure out how to remove one I’d like to update.

You would uncheck the tag.


I don’t see a check to uncheck. I don’t see anything but the tag. I’ve hovered over it and everything.

Depends on what you’re meaning, Vegan’s way will remove it from that specific contest, so if you’ve selected its use for a contest and you don’t want to use it for that contest, then yes, just uncheck it and it will be removed from that contest.

Now, if you would like to edit the contest tag to update it to a new type, new name, for instance, if you don’t like the one that says ‘fun contest’ and you’d like a better use for that tag you can change the name, you can change the color, you can do both, or you can completely delete it. See image.

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Where do I go/what do I do to see something to uncheck?

This is what Vegan means, if you have selected some tags for a certain contest and you want to remove them from that contest, this is what it will look like

You just unclick the check mark to remove it from that contest. If you want to remove or edit the tag, the instructions for such were in my last post.

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If I click the plus-sign, as if I’m going to add a new tag, I see all the available tags, but none of them are checked. I seem to only be able to add new ones, but not take away.

I see what you are showing me, but without the check marks, despite having tags on that contest.

I swear!

Then you follow my instructions in first post, click the pencil by the one you want to edit or delete and then a new popup will come up and allow you to change the name, the color of the tag and save it as you’ve edited it, or delete it completely.

Oh, I don’t know then, it should show the check marks if the tags are in use

Clicking the pencil deletes that tag permanently from my choices. I want to keep the tag among my choices, but remove it from just this contest.

Yes, I see what you’re saying now, sorry, if the check marks arent by the ones you have used then you may need to blue button it inform SH and see what the problem may be.

Here’s what I guess is happening–the tag I’ve used is at the bottom, and there doesn’t seem to be a way to scroll down to it. If I could, I guess it’s checked…?

You can see the bit of white border at the bottom where it ends.

Looks that way, I’d send that right there to SH in the chat, you can show them images, and show them what it is doing and see if they can help. Not sure why you can scroll farther down. Are you mobile or on pc?

Wait, are you in the actual contest, on the contest page? If you’re not, go onto the contest page and see if you can do it there, easier.

Ah, that’s it! I can do it from the individual contest page.

That’s all I needed to know. Thanks.

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Sorry it took me so long to figure out what you meant and how to help, glad it worked for you, though.

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