How should we select winners for unawarded contests?


@Front, YET, there seems to be a general consensus of what constitutes a great name, irrespective of whether it’s chosen by the CH or comes out of deciphering ambiguities of an abandoned brief :wink:

Front on unawarded contest win: ‘’ @CherryPopNames That’s a great name for a digital marketing co. And no it’s not me! lol… hmm… probably shouldn’t have been shown to the public, great names they have wings, especially genus dotcomus.’’

Seezall on unawarded (same as above) contest win: ‘‘Congrats to the latest winners Cherry, how long did you have that in your name vault? Fantastic combo!’’

Yes, there will be winning names for unawarded contests that would not enjoy unanimity of a warm public reception of cherrypopname’s latest win, but that is not exclusive to unawarded contests only :wink:


Well that name got snapped up! lol


Since you brought me into this, I’ll chime in. SH did just award one of my entries, so I was reluctant to join this thread at the moment. Right, easy for me to support the current formula b/c I just got one. I think the current system is just fine. In fact I think it’s quite admirable. As I’ve seen it, it has been the exception where the process wasn’t pretty clear cut. Usually one of the trending contestants gets the SH-awarded win. In those cases I think SH just “finishes out” the contest. The CH had identified a favorite or a group of favorites, and SH awards it to the clear leader if there was one, or does its best to pick amongst a small group of clear leaders. That’s where the CH was when he/she walked away, seems like the most logical and fair place to finish out from. I am pretty sure they don’t give much weight to the “best entry” component unless there isn’t a clear leader or leader group to pick from. I hadn’t identified mine as a best entry, in this case the CH had identified 24 entries that they liked best, and SH did their best to take if from there. I do think it is admirable that they go through the effort to complete an abandoned contest as if it had finished on its own. Even in the non-clear cut cases, I am sure they are doing their best to try to put themselves in the shoes of the CH. “Based on the brief and thoughtful subjective taste, that looks like a solid choice”. Lets be clear I am almost always passed over in these cases, and some of the SH picked names have not been my favorites, but how is that any different than the contests that award on there own? It’s not. In the CH-awarded cases, I am almost always passed over and I they often pick names that I wouldn’t pick. No offence to anyone, it’s just that this is truly subjective. What I think would be highly unfair would be to dole out prize money to leader board contestants! I think the money needs to stay tied right to where the effort was expended. Otherwise, I vote to give it to a charity. Best regards…


@Skevans I like the direction of your idea. Less subjectivity and less SH interfering and overshadowing the actual decisions of CH.

Personally I prefer the idea of @firehawk828 presented in the other thread, that unawarded contests should be awarded by splitting the prize to the top trenders of that contest (of course if there are any) because obviously they were on the right track. What’s stated in the brief is at the best 10% of all the information the CH has. Many different factors (local, legal and others) are left obscure and only SH knows them and it’s their contest after all, therefore their decisions should be respected and not overshadowed by SH. If CH rated some entries 4* or 5*, that means they liked them and that’s it. If someone believes that they had a brilliant name that was overlooked, well, there’s no way to check if CH would actually like it. If SH did not select a winner, that can’t be a winner. Only the division of the prize.

Another good option is to split the prize between the top rated entries. The other contest platform that I’m on uses this policy and every month I get something. This month it was 60$, last month 20something $. I consider that as a nice “thank you” for my efforts that were appreciated by SHs. And I get to keep the names and use them in other contests.


I guess what I see in @Skevans idea is that not all abandoned contests are created equal, and so I like the de-simplification in his idea. Generally, I think lumping things together will always dismiss at least half of them.


@Font. I see the point as well, but quite a few CHs only like to rate entries they have interest in. Many awarded contests probably have less than 50% of the entries rated?


“we do not intend to change the winner selection process for abandoned contests.”


Well but that does not mean we are not allowed to discuss it :slight_smile:


Suppose you highlighted your two best entries when you submitted them but then thought that entries submitted after those two highlighted entries were actually better entries…would there be a way to “unselect” previously highlighted entries & choose two other entries as your new choice? Because in the brainstorming process, sometimes we select a best entry prematurely & come up with a much more suitable name afterwards. There should be a way review your best entry selections & change them if you need to without being penalized, as long as you still have two selected.


There’s a very interesting point here. If SH selects the winning name and awards the contestant, contestant passes the name to SH. It’s quite clear that SH will not going to use it and contestant can’t submit it in another contest as well, then it’s a dead end causing the great creative name to “die”. In case contestant is allowed to submit the same name in another contest, then he/she can win two (or more) contests with the same name, which does not seem fair too.

The more I think the more negative sides of the current policy I see… : )


A post from dan on another thread @EliCreative
Dec '15
We don’t have an official policy on resubmitting your own entry which was a previous winner. If you have waited for reasonable period of time, and if the name is still available, and the contest is for a different industry, we don’t see an issue in submitting it again.

Happy Holidays to you and your family as well!


But them you can win several contests with the same name… :smiley:


Doesn’t mean I am not allowed to share my two cents…


@CherryPopNames I see your point, I didn’t see it yet in my first post response, that’s why I later thought abandoned contests with no ratings at all would be a much better fit. I’ll admit, part of me just wants to see how an idea would fare, but I’m also fine with what we have now.

SH and other similar sites are all pioneers in the field laying down tracks into the unknown, one of the good traits of a pioneer is the willingness to try out new ideas. That’s the only way to know, you won’t find teachers here. SH is willing to listen and have indeed asked for our feedback. We know when an idea doesn’t work SH will respond in timely fashion. Yes, like @EliCreative said, it’s a discussion, a jar of 2 cents (talk is cheap), everyone’s invited, we are not the decision makers here, and isn’t that a relief. :relieved:


@Front. Well said. I think SH does a great job of incorporating discussion points into the platform change process, so it is important to speak up, but it sure can be exhausting.


Haven’t we discussed this to death,friends? And hasn’t it been said by the powers that be that it will remain as is? No system is perfect…but I think the way they are doing it gives everyone the best chance to have exposure to their best names and a chance.
I think altering it to favor certain groups of people would demotivate others and make them give up.It’s nice to think every good name you submit at least has a chance,either by CH or SH.Even good creatives might not submit good names always, and new people or ones who haven’t won before, might have great names. Some other options seem kind of elitist.Plus as Vision said, it is an individual contest…not a co-op.



Amen! (20 characters)


Agree with all of this Holly


I feel the unclaimed awards should go to me because my skills have gotten pretty bad,But I stay up all night working my butt off anyway. Hope you all know I’m kidding. Anyway that is chosen, I won’t have a problem with. Thanks SH, for not making me walk the plank.


I think you should pick randomly…the good old school creatives in a hat…that way maybe someone who tries and doesnt get a steady stream of wins (i dont but either but 4 in 8 mos is ok , either way my opinion is truly bias) can have a payoff…1 random per 100. For 50s round to the lowest 100. I dont think theres anyone here that doesnt try and whether a creative gets a love or not, the contest was abandoned. If they loved it that much theyd have selected the winner. Just my opinion. Ik its late but this popped up unread right now and i was half done before i noticed the gigantic blue box almost obstructing my text box says 608 days old lol. So here it is anyhow lol.