How should we select winners for unawarded contests?


Vision I actually understood what you said :slight_smile: Not a bad thought process!


How does SH make a decision, if/when it comes to that, if the CH never rated anything and has nothing or very little to go off in their brief?


they pick one they like . Seems logical lol


Oh Jeez…enough is enough on this subject…they use several parameters to choose a name. A blend of subjective and quantitative.


Like LD, I’m beginning to understand your posts!


It’s just that the process of selecting winners for unawarded contests is described very briefly. So naturally people have questions on how/why/what if. Especially those who are new here.


Just a thought.

What if non awarded contests with next to no entries are rated (let’s say less than 50%) are pooled for the month and the Contestants who appear on the leaderboard for the month are distributed the “bonus” pool of money for recognition of their success.

Contests where over 50% of entries are rated would go through the normal course of action.

But let’s say in January, 5 contests were left unawarded where under 50% of entries in each were rated, totalling $750. That $750 would be split between the top 10 on the leaderboard for the month of January.

1st $300 (40%)
2nd $150 (20%)
3rd $75 (10%)
4th - 10th $30 (4%)

The reason for this idea is;

  1. We don’t have an issue of SH having to decide a contest with no CH input.
  2. A contest where the CH has had a lot of input and rated a majority of entries is fairly awarded to a top trender.
  3. The people who have had a great month are rewarded for their success and the money is technically being awarded by CHs because it is being distributed to winners of CH awarded contestants.
  4. This may be less work for SH in the long run, less contests where they have to sit and decide a winner for.


I like where this idea is coming from @skevans. But I think the money should be equally divided among all 25 on the Leaderboard, so $750, each of the 25 will get $30. This way there will be many more happy contestants.


Oh yeah what I suggested was just to get across my idea. The actual distribution would be up for debate. But glad someone likes my idea lol


Got to voice my opposition, if your on the leaderboard didn’t you already have a decent month in earnings? Also it wouldn’t feel to good if your 26,27,28 and 3-4 shills make it because of outstanding %'s,


Yeah that is true, you did have a good month but this site isn’t about dividing prize money evenly, it’s a competition. So those who are successful and find what CHs are after should be rewarded for that.

And if you happen to land in 26,27,28. Tough luck lol just my thought, I think it’s more fair then the current system imo.


The other benefit of the system would be a higher rate of participation in contests, a concentration on quality names and a real drive to find what the CH is after to win a competion because there’s a big pot of gold potentially waiting at the end of the month.


…also in unawarded contests :slight_smile:


Yes but we don’t know what the CH truely wants so then SH are left trying to figure it out.


I also think less people would be upset over not getting picked in a pick em’ if they look at all the “facts” presented before even marking a best entry, By gathering all the data Did CH rate through, am I up against more than (X) amount of starred names, is there anything in the brief that validates me marking a best entry, etc… A formula Checklist of Sorts.


@seezall I see your point. I guess more tweaking should be done to the Leaderboard algorithm taking into consideration contestant’s activity, as well as rating stats (maybe some more tweaking here too), to keep shills out. I believe these are already in the algorithm. Maybe SH could just start with abandoned contests that are completely without ratings, to see how this fares. Sometimes the best way is to take it for a test drive.


If briefs are indeed the gold standard or so easily decipherable then CHs won’t need come to us. :wink:

Sometimes a great name can come from thinking outside the brief.


The briefs describe the formula left for the creatives to decipher through artistic interpretation :slight_smile:
And when once in a while an out-of-box name,does come out of the brief, it still must make sense to the brief/business within which it originated…


Yet, ALL winning names in awarded contests do manage to come out, and not in spite of, the contest brief :wink:

ps: The brief is a launch pad that sets a user on a creative journey (by following the brief in imaginative ways) with the goal of arriving at a name CH would want to claim as his/her won.


That just shows how good we are collectively! :slight_smile: