How should we select winners for unawarded contests?


Let me help Seez: Abandoned contests create a lot of extra work. SH can’t make everyone happy so they do the best they can. :slight_smile:


Replied on wrong thread thanks aunty for decoding that


I agree with Stalias :slight_smile:


But that also happens some times when the CH chooses a winner.I have been the top trender a few times before with several 5 stars,and lots of 4 stars…yet still haven’t won the contest as they went with another 5 star name. So there are times in spite of great entries,and more “stars” you still don’t end up being chosen.

In fact…lately I am frustrated because I keep coming up “always a bridesmaid”.I can’t seem to win another contest,despite my best efforts.I kinda feel like giving up. So to a point it’s a ■■■■ shoot anyway.


well not exactly a ■■■■ shoot they just liked someone elses name better :wink: it doesnt mean it was better though


Hang in there, @hollygirl. Persistance has a way of paying off when you least expect it.


Thanks,Kral…that’s so kind of you.

I’m having a hard time getting some of these CH’s visions lately.Then in contests when I think I do… I get the rug pulled out from under my feet at the end.(Or sometimes in the middle…lol!) I just had three 5 stars get demoted to 4 stars, and two 5 stars in another contest get demoted to 4’s. Then a 4 star (which was the only 4 star,and highest in the contest) get demoted to a 2! Frustrating!

I see some other new people come in and start sweeping the contests, and then of course those of you who are awesome and win quite frequently…so it kinda hits your ego, and makes you wonder why you can’t quite get your names to be winners,and you start questioning yourself ,the universe,etc…ha!.

But I am glad that at least alot of the time my names are liked…so that’s a big start.I just need to hang in,I guess.

Thanks for the encouragement…that was very generous of you!


Couldn’t agree more with Jose and Kral. Stay on the dock, hollygirl – your ship’ll come in!


It depends on luck a lot @hollygirl Some times you get lucky, sometimes you don’t. At least you know that you are on the right track, your names are often among the best ones. So keep your head up, keep on trying and sooner or later you’ll land on the leader board :slight_smile: Getting good grades and don’t winning also means that you are filling your treasure box with great names which can be used later and that increases your chances of winning future contests :wink:


Many thanks all,for your kind support and encouragement.Even though we technically are competitors…it’s nice to know you are good people,and a great community! After all…we are in the same boat, and just trying to have success in what we love to do! Hugs~


I would appreciate some clarification. There’s this unawarded contest: There’s only one entry rated 5*. Aren’t SQ gonna select it as a winning one? Are there chances that some other 4* or 3* rated entry marked as best by the contestant is going to win?


My personal opinion Don’t waste the points unless you know you nailed and I mean nailed the brief)))) Also Not sure and can’t confirm but I believe dijawas name was bought heard this through a friend of mine who knows dijawa personally but I do not know this first hand.


Yes, hers was bought.
I followed the brief perfectly but my 50 points apparently did not mean anything.


What do you mean? Bought by who?


Eli, it is common for people to see the names we submit and go to and buy them.
Just comes with the territory of this job


Oh, I see. Thank you.


Just wondering how come people saw the entry since it was a private contest. Did the CH bought it…


I actually don’t know the name as I said above I just heard it was bought


This CH only rated a very few then abandoned the contest. So this is one of the times SH is talking about, that to make it fair they consider the top rated, but also let others have a dog in the fight so to speak, since it’s possible there are equally as good names,and namers shouldn’t be punished for a CH not getting to their name and rating it.If I remember right…there was like 750 entries, and I think they rated less than 50, I want to say. It’s hard to have a perfect solution…but I do think everyone who worked hard to find the perfect name at least should get a shot.


Unless yours was actually bought and they deserve the best shot at winning. Sometimes a CH will see a name that works, buy it and leave the contest. In their eyes they are done. It happens all the time on other sites. If you know that your name was bought out and discuss it with SH I believe those should get first consideration.