How should we select winners for unawarded contests?


I can totally understand your point and I’ve had it happen with some entries of my own, or at least it has appeared as such. At the same time, I don’t know how “creative” it is to use the same names or the same name concept for contest after contest. The odds of having a name you’ve (not you personally) used basically stolen and that name go on to win other contests would be very unlikely if it all I believe. All names would have to be kept private until the alotted time was up then have a vote take place. I don’t know if anyone remembers that dog charity for vets contest a while back but the name I came up with got a 1 rating and the name that was chosen as the winner was the exact same name with the word “to” spelled differently. Trust me, i know what ya mean.


I do remember the dog charity contest. That would have bothered me, too.


Im amazed only 8 people have an opinion- maybe most havent noticed there is a forum yet


I agree with most of what you’re saying here, Aunty- with the exception of the aforementioned “what about all the hard work & maybe better ideas that come along after the contest is abandoned”… concept, along with so many others toiling along, having no idea they are working in vain?
In any event- No more public contests! Yay!! I have an idea I’ll post, (if I don’t see anyone else post it first :wink: ) .


Well, I’ve learned that we can’t control every aspect of a contest. I’ve been rated and later the CH stopped rating, and I won. And I’ve also been on the other side of that, where it seemed the contest was over before it started and I couldn’t get entries in fast enough. I guess all any of us can do is submit what we think are the best entries for a given contest and just hope we’re submitting to a responsive CH who ends up reading all the entries, and who chooses a submission that meets the parameters in the brief. But of course that doesn’t always happen!


I really thought I was replying directly to you before, Auntshommy- (i’ll get this figured out :blush: ).
Okay- my idea is a combination of previous ones.
Point 1- The subjective factor is just too messy, as in voting. Often a CH picks a winner that may be great, but was actually outside of parameters, (i.e. Must be one word stated over & over, then pick a name consisting of 3 words- Huh? But it Was a good name, after all)
2- Some people may vote for someone’s entry based on the contestant, not the name- see? And it is too open to manipulation in that kind of way. Of course, we are all honest on this forum- but it could easily happen.
3- NO ONE enters a contest with a guarantee of being the winner, or gaining the award, (not counting the creatives I consider “ringers” brought in by the CH). As a result, not receiving the money for an abandoned contest is the same as not winning a contest. In other words- no one won.
4- Deciding the winner based on seniority, number of entries, or how many highly rated ones also seems too arbitrary, for many reasons already stated- or will take up too much space on this long post…
5- People may participate with ‘junk’ entries, just in hopes of getting some of the split award money, if they know that is what will happen on an abandoned, (or any) contest, so…
IF the CH will not pick a winner, (even after the deposit idea is implemented, which could be a good incentive- but it seems their wasted money is already “abandoned”) the money that no one is awarded should go into a community kitty that would be distributed in ways that would offer incentives for participation, (as SH suggested), even randomly awarded in different & fun ways. I do not feel they should be awarded tied to the forum, however- except the moderators could work on it, for sure.
Those are some of the reasons why I feel it would be more fun for everyone to have a “surprise” chance to win at least some of what they never assumed they were guaranteed to win, in the first place. One more thing- SH has their hands full running the rest of the aspects of the contests, without adding judging, and most creatives would probably rather spend their time trying to win contests they are participating in- & no shared names, either!


Agree with #2 and #3 for sure, Whirlwind. And it’s great being surprised when there were no ratings. But I’m still in the camp of having the win go to the contestant with the highest point total (SH’s current policy.) IF that contestant only entered that contest or had just signed up for the site, that’s a different matter to look into. And if entries were registered, then the policy should be changed so that the submitters could be rewarded. And I’m all for the SH deposit idea, more so than the community kitty, just because the “surprise” of winning when you didn’t expect to is great. Back to #2, agree about the “open to manipulation” phrase for sure. Think NF.


How about if they don’t choose a winner, all the creatives that participated get to highlight Two of, what we feel is our BEST submission, and then SH votes on just the highlighted ones.
That way, we have some say in which name we feel should win. Less names for SH to vote on…#of creatives x2 names.


Hmmm…I think that’s a pretty good idea. As long as the people judging are neutral.


SH admin should vote, it will be less names to go through for them and this will also give the creatives who participated, but never got ratings, an opportunity to shine.


Where Did admin staff go ?


Thanks everyone for sharing your perspective on this topic. We have intentionally not responded to this topic for last couple of days to allow for an open discussion with different points of views.

There are lot of good comments here. This is one of those issues where there is no right or wrong answer, and it is valid for people to feel strongly about their point of views. At this stage, we have to implement a policy which is fair, practical and ensures that the award money ends up in hands of deserving contestants.

We have reviewed everyone’s comments, and we suggest that we implement the following features and policy:

  1. We will implement a new feature that would allow creatives to highlight their “best” entry while submitting them to the contest. They can highlight upto 2 entries which they believe are the best and this can be done by using points from their account.

  2. When the contest holder is reviewing the submissions, these highlighted entries will always stand out from the rest, and therefore will get much better visibility. This would also allow contest holders to see the “best” entries more closely, especially when they have received 1000+ entries in the contest.

  3. We will add an additional incentive, that if the contest holder selects a winner within 3 days of closing, they will receive a 10% of the award fees as a credit back.

  4. If despite of all this, the contest holder does not select a winner, Squadhelp Admin will pick a winner by reviewing any 4 star, 5 star or highlighted entries that were submitted to the contest.

We thought @Annie’s idea of allowing contestants to highlight two of their best entries is brilliant, and we have just added few additional suggestions that would allow contest holders to also see those highlighted entries during the contest.

Hopefully this addresses the core issue that we are trying to solve. Since this is an important topic for everyone, we will wait for 1-2 days for any comments, and will then start working on developing these new features.


My 2¢: Sounds like a plan! Thanks, and yay, Annie!

My question: What will happen if the CH has reviewed no entries, or has not given any 4s or 5s? As we know, lack of high ratings does not always mean the names were bad.


WooHoo…was there bonus money in the ‘CommunityKitty’ for that one, Haha…WAIT, that wasn’t part of my suggestion LOL
No seriously, excited for all the changes, hopefully for the better.
We gotta try something, right? :smiley: Cheers :wine_glass: :smile:


Would be nice to also see something done about the CH’s who launch multiple contests, never rate or only rate a few and then abandon them.

I think we’re on our way to solving HOW to award those, but we also need to address what to do about the CH’s who do this repeatedly!!

oops that want meant to be a general post, not a reply to Stalias :slight_smile:


I think Annie’s idea is great. Except: my opinion of my best entries & the CH’s are often quite different! We’ll have to decide whether to think like a CH or an unleashed creative mind. Even so, good thinking, Annie!
Um…I worked hard to earn every one of my 40 entries! That’s the perk you get when you’ve been on the site awhile & accumulated ratings & points! :wink:


I agree with AuntShommy-- we earned them and I also plan to use them. Nobody is making anybody use all their entries. Some contests I don’t use them all, but many I do.


I vaguely remember mentioning the choosing your best name to be voted on a few days ago. I’m also remembering, vaguely again of course, some replies to that suggestion being against it because some people “borrowing” others idea’s. Hmmm, I’m probably mistaken… Anyways, great idea Annie!


@EdoubleU, you are correct You did suggest a similar idea about contestants choosing a best name to put up for public voting. We just added little more twist to it so that we can still keep the names private - thanks for your suggestions!


I don’t think it’s right to choose the winner from the oldest or most successful members, nor do I think it’s right to choose from the newest members.
Choosing a winner only from those who have been rated, or those who have been on the website for longer, or those who have just arrived is not fair. It mocks all the other people who have wasted a little or their time to work, often for free.
There should not be a winner at all. I suggest that the money is assigned to the next contests, as a bonus. For a 150 $ prize, I would say 50$ on top of the three first contests to be created.