How Much Time do domains need to sell it

Hi there,
I have wondered About How much time do the domains need to be sold on Squadhelp Usually? I have 3 Premium domains :broken_heart:

It really depends on the market trends, the name, and other factors as well. Each name is different. Domaining is a lot like real estate, if a name checks off all the popular boxes, it may go fast. But, it may also sit on the market for a bit too. It’s hard to give a direct answer to this because there’s too many interchangable variables. Some domains can go quick, some domains for some of us have been sitting since the MP started. As the mp fills with more and more choices and trends change, a lot – unfortunately – of these names (if premium) will hit the 3 year cut-off mark quite easily. But, that’s the nature of domaining. Just cross your fingers and do all you can to promote the heck out of your names and get them seen in contests.


People with 100+ premium names also ask the same question. You can lookup the SH insight reports to get a fair idea.


Now and never. You can sell the domain a few hours after receiving the premium status, or you can wait for years and nothing will work. This is a great lottery. It will be successful if you have a tenacious mind, attractive domains and a large assortment for all occasions.