how many views is needed for a basic plus name before it enters the marketplace, and will there be a logo if it enters the marketplace


i listed some of my domains and they where rejected for prenuim, so i listed it under basic plus, but i cant see my name on the market place and no logo, the name is just naked just the way i registered it :joy::joy:

so my questions are 1) how many views is requested per name before it can attain the marketplace listing
2) are there any chances that names might sell at basic plus level
please can someone that has been in my shoes(gucci):sunglasses: help me answer this am just inquisitive to know what happens next.


Hi Fly.
Basic Plus names are not visible in the main marketplace unless they have earned โ€œenoughโ€ loves and likes in contests to become visible. Squadhelp does not reveal now what it takes for a Basic or Basic plus name to be visible in the marketplace. Instead, you get a message on your dashboard that says it qualifies and you need to click to take action. Once a Basic name is boosted to Basic Plus and visible in the marketplace, it does not receive a logo.

So, views in the marketplace do not count to my knowledge. Only likes and loves in the contests can cause a basic or basic plus name to be visible in the marketplace.

To your question about whether or not those names have any chance of being sold: the answer is 90% no. The way to get them sold is to use them in contests. Then, yesโ€”UNLESS they are visible in the marketplace - then definitely yes.

The way this works in contests:
If you submit a BASIC name to a contest and it wins, you have to turn over the domain for only the contest prize. Basic Plus names (whether visible in the marketplace or not), come into a contest with the price listed, just like premium domains do. If you win the contest, you receive the contest prize and the CH then can buy the domain and you receive the difference. However, sometimes the CHs do not follow through to buy the marketplace name, in which case you receive the contest prize and can continue to try to sell the marketplace name to someone else.

I hope this helps and doesnโ€™t confuse you. It is complicated!


Basic listing and basic plus listing, no any difference of domain visibility. only difference of commission rate ?