How many names?


I’m wondering how many premium listed names people have on here. From looking at leaderboard profiles, it seems that people have dozens or hundreds of names.

Is it possible to compete or sell anything here if you only have 10 or fewer?


Yes! - At one point, I only had 10 names in the Marketplace, and I sold 3 of them last year.

I only have 20 now, and one of them sold this year - So, yes, it’s possible to compete with those who have “hundreds” of names listed…

Be patient, and continue to submit the best names you possibly can. :wink:


Can I hear from any one else? Those with few names listed and those with tons? How about any basic plus sales?


I haven’t submitted anywhere near enough names yet. I do have one premium listed that has had 22 shortlists now, so I’m hopeful it will sell soon. I applied a $500 time limited discount yesterday to see if it entices any of the 22 shortlisters to buy it.

I do own several premium that are spread across other platforms at the moment. I’m hesitant to submit as SH seems to like much lower prices and rarely accept anything worth 5 figs and up I’ve come to find.


I have quite a few domains that have been shortlisted but they seem to be doing better in the marketplace.

I’m not really that excited about the name restrictions with price. I guess it depends on the shop you use to sell domains. Until I make a few sales I can’t ask questions etc and that is annoying.


Is there an average ‘shortlist metric’ that gets the name to sale?