How many creatives on SH?

This first part is directed @ Dan…I was just wondering approximately how many creatives are registered to name on SH? And how many of those are active? Just curious.Do most new creatives have an “expiration date”,if they don’t win contests right away or at all?

Now for everyone…since we have contests from all over the world…I was wondering how many creatives are outside the USA,and if that is an advantage or disadvantage. I know sometimes when there have been contests from countries other than my native country…some of the words, terms, what they like and is acceptable can be very different. Thoughts?

@hollygirl, this link might answer your first question. We do not have an “expiration date” because some of the creatives become active after staying inactive for several months. Unless the creative explicitly requests their account to be deactivated, they are able to participate in contests even if they have been inactive for more than a year.

Hello dear,

I am out of USA and, I have to admit that it is my disadvantage. I noticed that when I come with the non English words (Latin, Greek…etc.), even if that words are root of the existing English words, that words are not welcome to CH.

Second thing is that I insist on originality, I do not use so many time used and abused words such as; zen, pad, pal, guru, lab, core, cube, top, pop, code, core…etc. Also, I do not use misspelled words because I do not consider them beautiful. In Europe the things are quite different so, in a most cases we have a clear, original and very rare some misspelled words.

But, after all everything is the matter of taste of the CH. Old Latin used to say: De gustibus non est disputandum or, There is no disputing about tastes. :slight_smile:


Thanks for responding…I was hoping more people would share their experiences and input.

I was wondering if that would be so…as I know sometimes I have the same issues when I try to participate in contests out of the USA…sometimes I can’t tune into how customs are different, or how some words mean different things, or know what words or expressions are more accepted…so I thought it must be true for people from other countries also.

I remember one contest I entered when I first started naming a few months back, and thought I had submitted some great names for an Australian food conglomerate… only to find the winning name was something to do with Dilly Bags or some such thing.I thought what in the heck are dilly bags?? Lol!
Then I knew I must have been off track,and not being Australian was a disadvantage.

I think it is so cool that our creatives are so diverse and bring something different and original to the table. I think it makes for a great melting pot of talent.

I see that you trend quite often,Vanja…so you must come up with some great names.Even though I agree it is subjective, and even if you don’t win or score highly in some contests (which happens to us all a bunch) it doesn’t often have anything to do with the quality of your names or your ability. So don’t give up! Your time is coming,I’m sure.


I totally agree about the cultural disadvantages, I’m English, I lived I the US for 6yrs about 20yrs ago which is a slight advantage but America is now a totally different place.
I remember for example calling someone “homely” and them getting very upset about it, when I asked why I was shocked to find out that homely means ugly and has nothing to do with that comfortable feeling you get from being in someone’s house. It was meant as a compliment and not an insult.
I like it when I see contests from the UK because I feel I can connect better with the CH (this is just a feeling and not always the case) and use words and puns only English people would get.
I spend a lot of time in Europe and there is a difference between European English and English English also.
Even when I’m spelling I have to remember things like colour/color jewellery/jewelry aluminium/aluminum etc , I guess I’m lucky I’ve traveled so I understand the differences yet the world is so diverse and everyone is so different that you never know what will work in a contest.