How long does it take to get your first payment from squad help?

I have this urgency of getting paid in less 3 weeks or a month, when I first received a love it and shortlisted name in a closed contest. For the past months the contest have been on pending.
The expectation increased when I got my first unregistered domain name approved and it had like 3 shortlists. Now I had 3 premium domain names. I cushioned my emotions from over expectations. But I kept checking the total amount I’ve spent. Right now can even predict when?

Sadly, there is no way to predict when or IF a contest holder will make a final decision.
I will say, though, on the bright side, that if you keep working as you have then you can continue receive income over time. The domains typically take quite a long time to sell. There is a range… but you have to just hang in there with them.