How long do contest results stay 'pending'?


I have two shortlisted entries for contests that ended weeks ago - one for a name and one for a tagline. I went away on vacation and figured for sure they’d be decided by the time I got back, but here I am…and still no news.

The first contest I won was resolved and paid right away, so I’m wondering how long does this process last? I’ve only been at this a month so I really know nothing. :slight_smile:


Lots of contests stay pending for over a month, two is not uncommon, and sometimes even longer. Contests are also sometimes reopened if none of the shortlisted entries are chosen. So really, you just have to focus on submitting to new contests and not worry too much about when the pending ones might close. Once a winner is chosen though, the money is paid out quickly.

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Thanks. Not sure if I’m gonna continue submitting…it’s was fun for a while, but I have concerns about the process…I guess I’ll just have to keep checking back to see what happened with those old contests.

Be aware that some contests never get awarded, as contest holders do not choose a winner and then the prize gets split between the ones with the higher ratings. In cases like this, it can take around 2 months until the prize is awarded.

What Daisy said is good advice.You have to just move on to current contests and let closed contests run their course. Something eventually will happen with them.

Please be aware too that even if you are shortlisted, does not necessarily mean you will win.If you are here long enough,you will find that until or unless the contest is awarded…it is anyone’s win.I have several times been the only love it/shortlisting/high rating in a contest, and still lost to someone else.I have also had the opposite happen, where I was not shortlisted or high rated and still won.
So this is kind of a waiting game and you have to be willing to just let it play out.

It’s often a hard gig.There are no guaranteed wins, and you can work really hard here and not have it pay off. But in the end, you have to decide if its worth your time and effort to take a chance.


Yeah, basically there are a whole lot of us here doing work that people used to get paid for, for free. Even if your name doesn’t get picked, you’re still working and your time has value. It’s all part of the race to the bottom, like replacing cashiers with machines, or professional drivers with Uber. It’s weird, after I posted that I wasn’t sure I was going to keep submitting I suddenly got a bunch of Squadhelp emails about ‘badges’ I was being given, and that I’d been granted Tier A status.


While Squadhelp works as a great channel to express creativity and make money for thousands of people, we understand that this platform is not for everyone. If you do not wish to participate in contests, you can also consider selling your own names into the Marketplace as another option.

Yeah, we need to submit more without looking the results…hope one day i will win too…:slight_smile:

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Yesssss! You’re on point 100% - no favors being done to anyone here.