How in the he77?


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U guys are never a seldom face on the leaderboard or TTC board. Did u start out that way or is it learning over time? I know im fairly new but i have a really good run and then a really flat run…


dont think you will ever find that out as only one of them ever speaks :wink: silent but deadly


You have to ‘live’ on the site lol…
Just stay around here long enough, pay attention to all the little details and you’ll figure it out :wink:


I’d have to agree with Annie. You do have to “live” on the site. I spend countless hours and devote a lot of my time to the site. Practice makes progress…you have to be consistent and you will learn as you go. Also sorry you guys never hear from me, I never use discussions so I’m not trying to ignore anyone just so you know.


Hi Everyone,
This is Tiara.I have had a good time here on Squadhelp. I am just one year old here but I am new to naming. I have an interesting past in naming. I have Masters Degree in English Literature. I am from India. There are so many facets. I started out as a Namer on Elance by accident about four years back. Created names and taglines there and completing many successful jobs there. Then I moved to upwork and Guru and did naming. One of my clients on Upwork told me about this website. So I have been a full time namer for many years. I am not a xxx or xxx like so many others, This all I do or I know. I have learnt it or I can say still learning all the time. One never stops learning. Its true that there is something about creativity the more you use it the more you have. I also get no thank yous and I also get frustrated sometimes and I know its not easy. I learning and unlearning I learnt there. So its like a roller coaster ride for me also. Thanks. Hard work makes you lucky.


Hi Everyone,
Thanks for bringing in me the discussion. Though I don’t participate on the discussion forum much (I know, my bad) but I did gave my suggestions to few of the queries which were directed to me personally. I believe that too succeed here, one must be really determined and also be a good learner.I learn from other names which are chosen as winner. It gives you a different perspective. So, my advice is to keep trying, keep improving and results will follow. Do let me know for any other help.
P.S. I have been fairing real bad this month. Almost 9 days have gone and I haven’t even won a single contest ;(. Do remember me in your prayers :smile:


Hi @Dansma, I started out with a bang, winning more contests in my first month than I have ever won in a single month since. I really work at this learn from others and continuously look for new ways to think about names. Sometimes, I wish I was just a mind reader. (lol). Maybe I can find an online course in mind reading? Suggestions anyone? I am not a top winner here. I hold my own and wish I was doing as well as several here who are top winners but I keep at it. I just love doing it. I go for long periods of time without wins and then suddenly I am back in the groove again. Sometimes I feel like it is a string of contests that just don’t jive with me and my style.


I enter; I lose, I learn.


I really want to be more consistent with this and one day be on the leader board! At first I was winning 1 or 2 per month but since then I’ve lost steam and I hate to admit it but I have hardly even entered anything the past month or so. Time to get back in the game! :slight_smile:


Out of curiosity, when suggesting a name, Do winners always describe why they chose that name?


If you mean do contestants always describe why they subbed that name the answer is no. If you mean do CHs explain why they chose the winning name the answer is very rarely.


Only if i had a reason besides just liking the name