How do you stay encouraged on SQUADHELP?


Hi all , I read that after 30 days of no winner being picked, SH picks it. HOwever, there are quite a few contests that closed well over 30 days ago and nothing. How long is it usually before SH picks winners?


Hi @ckgirl ,

That is correct, while our goal is to ensure all winners are selected by Contest Holders, there can be situations when a contest holder does not select a winner. We follow up with the contest holder multiple times after their contest has closed, reminding them to select a winner. If a contest has been closed for 30 days, and a winner has still not been selected by the contest holder, Squadhelp selects the winner based upon our winner selection policy.

In some cases contests can be open for more than 30 day due to a fraudulent payment, the CHs might need more time to decide on a winner, or simply need more time to allow entries to be submitted until they find the perfect name!


Honestly all the above comments are unbelievable, looks like everyone is hooked and happy to spend hours and hours working for nothing. Don’t you all get it? Squad help is making you work for nothing. I’m over it. If this post does not end up appearing on the thread it will confirm to me that the negative posts are being edited out.

  1. Your post has not been edited out.
  2. How many hours a creative spends here varies, just as their talents do.
  3. SquadHelp is not making anyone work. We all choose to be here and that includes you.

If your looking at this as a job, your looking at it wrong. You need to look at it like a game. You win some and you lose some. The money is an added bonus as is the social aspect of the SH community.
You profile says you only joined 13 hours ago. Your not here long enough for a contest to even close.
Give yourself sometime and see how it goes


I can assure you that I and many others are not here working for nothing! And I wouldn’t stay if my talents didn’t pay off in a way that is satisfying to me.

I’m not sure why you have a beef with SH but it is probably something to work out directly with them. From my point of view, they have worked very hard to create a REAL crowdsourcing platform where even those who participate as contestants are included in making SH a better platform than all of the others. SH has a lot more business because of it, too, creating more opportunity for us.

If I had the where-with-all to create my own platform I would do it, but I don’t. SH came into my life at a time when I REALLY needed it and I appreciate that a lot. Sure, I’d love to become a millionaire namer but we aren’t playing the lottery here. We all know what we are getting into when we sign on. You never know why someone decides to come here to try and name or create logos. Not all things have to do with money.


I also want to say this. I was an oil painter for at least a decade. I was a very prolific painter, painting 1-3 paintings per weekend. I had my paintings in a gallery, where I paid them to hang them and sold one painting in 2 years - a tiny one that never even made up my gallery rent. I sold a few others to friends and gave one to a charity that sold it for $600. I invested thousands of dollars in my paintings over that time and now they are sitting in my storage unit, where I am paying to house them and other stuff.

Painting was always about my own desire to paint, not the money I made from them. But I had to give it up because it was costing me so much money. SH costs me nothing and in fact I make more money than I ever made painting. So now I paint names!


Lisa, the joined time is when a person joins the discussion group, not SH. They could have been here weeks before joining the discussion group.


Also, this doesn’t feel like work at all. It can be done while relaxing on the couch or before bed at night. In my opinion it’s the easiest way of making some extra moola! :smile:


It suuuuuurrrreeee has been quiet around here. OK people, holidays are over! Come back and chirp with us!


:laughing: So who is going first,… @Commulinks why don’t u take the lead and share with us the newest things you can’t help but notice in this our Large Creative World? …common Lets Chirp.


Hey @WHAYASAY so glad you popped in. Looks like you took the lead…LOL. I don’t know about answering that big question about the newest things but I can say that you are doing great these days! I see you everywhere on contests and the winner board!


I have to say that I am LOVING the diversity of contests that have shown up lately. I think all of them are fun but I definitely enjoy seeing specialty businesses and products :smile: These always seem to get the creativity flowing a bit more for me which makes this all the more enjoyable!

Thanks for encouraging the chirp @Commulinks & @WHAYASAY :smiley:


But what do you do, when you do horribly at contests/topics you love and do well in contests you find dry and technical?

This seems to be my curse of late.


I simply go with the flow and rejoice in my newly found love​:joy::joy::joy:… One day, your best foot isn’t so strong, the next day your weaker foot is the one doing all the “Talking”… Just go with the flow!


That made me LOL, especially because it seems you win like crazy! I don’t know which category I win the most. I think maybe a key is to keep going back to the ones you love and trying new things.


I think we even surprise ourselves sometimes! But truly, what works for one CH doesn’t always work for others. One wants plain and simple another wants airy fairy. You never now which one you’ve got until you see the orange faces. LOLOLOL.


The CHs are much more interactive now. I am loving that. But we have had some interesting contests and a really steady stream of them, too!


I completely agree @Commulinks. The interaction has definitely kicked up since I started just a few months ago.


I think it is all a matter of kismet sometimes :smile: @lightless I am and have been in the same boat as you. It can be frustrating when I see a contest and think “Oh…I know EXACTLY what ideas to throw in” and then nothing lol. It gives me more drive to keep going because I am so interested in that specific topic of contest. So maybe use it as another way to challenge yourself, but I think you do very well either way! A big fan of yours :smile:


Hi Jalissa and Creatives! I’m so excited to be here. Unfortunately, we will all win some and lose some. Jalissa, you asked how others stay motivated and here’s what I do:

I limit the time that I am going to work on each contest. (Balance)
I choose based on my interest. (I find it easier)
I don’t try and post all of my entries at once. (brain break)
I give them options based on what they ask for (for them)
I give them options from what I see their company as (for me)
I look at this as an opportunity to learn something new and hopefully make money, too! (cup half full)
I do not rely on this income (realistic view)

With these boundaries, I’m able to avoid frustration. Some of the ideas are so fascinating and I just embrace the opportunity to be a part of it. For me, I would much rather do this than spend hours on social media. To each is own, but this is an outlet with potential income. I can’t wait until I actually win! Jalissa, continue to submit what you feel is best. It will be most rewarding when someone understands your POV!