How do you stay encouraged on SQUADHELP?


Well, this is a first! One sweet CH just greenfaced every entry (but one). I saw all those greenfaces in my activity feed and got all excited. It was nice to see real ones.


Yes a lot of us just got showered with some dark green goodness. now I’m kicking myself for only entering one name. :blush:


Yeah…I’m sorry I only had 3 entries! lol! I had like it’s…but when they changed them to on the right tracks…I stopped submitting.However…I will take what I can get…it made me smile! :0)

PS (I wish this was contagious! lol!)


Lol @woods30 i wished i submitted more than two also …even if i wasn’t selected winner, atleast i will get to keep my points up …especially with the new change in the forum​:grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:…still don’t know if i like the early access idea or not.


@Anjy If you are around, I just had to send you kudos on the contest where you gave the CH the name she REALLY wanted. I think you know which one I mean. The CH was lamenting that the name she wanted was taken. You came up with an alternative. When I saw what you did, I went “DOH!” why didn’t I think of that???


Kudos from me as well @Anjy! I had the same name with one difference lol Very happy the CH was able to find the perfect one! Nicee job :smile:


I just wanted to put a short message here and thank everyone that has been so considerate, communicative, compassionate, and inspiring through my time here. I don’t believe that all of you hear that or are even shown that enough. You all have made a lot of things tolerable when they otherwise would not be. I hope that everyone can stay encouraged through the ups and downs and constantly changing aspects that span across the board. Please, all of you keep your heads up and realize that you’ve had glorious success and you have done such because you are that talented. Don’t let anything that happens here or there or this person or that convince you otherwise. I am not going to share names because there are just so many of you that I admire and truly look up to. For many of those, you probably know who you are, and if you don’t let me just say that there aren’t many that aren’t on that list.

You all are beautiful, imaginative, sophisticated minds with hearts of gold and creativity that flourishes greatly. Thank you. Thank you for being you, for caring about the opinions of others and through the stressors that weigh heavily upon many here. None of this is an easy path and it is one that is wrought with obstacles high and low, but its creatives like you all that truly help others get through this; peers that have been there and are going through it without any obstructing bias that could blind from understanding otherwise. You place the paramount to the understanding of ‘all being in this together’ and often realize it so take it out of your own time (without gain) to offer important support. Please keep it up, keep your head in it and high, because you are the threads that bind.

Hopefully that will offer some encouragement to all those that may need it and when they need it. I wish everyone luck and hope that your beautiful talents will all be recognized.


Thank you rareworthy. This is by far one of the nicest posts I’ve ever read. You’re words are really inspiring. I concur with everything you said, but you said it FAR better than I ever could have. Thank you for your encouragement.


@rareworthy—That was beautifully said and so incredibly nice and encouraging! Your post will be my pick-me-up and I thank you for leaving it here :smile:


@rareworthy… Nice piece…this is one of the best posts have seen here so far LOVE IT


First I want to say congrats to @Anjy. I was in no means trying to shame anyone . Was just trying to prove a point that sometimes the CH doesn’t always know what they want and why you should not remove your entries with No Thank You.
As far as points go @ckgirl…“The point system is designed to reward our high quality contestants and to minimize any spamming or poor quality submissions. Contestants who earn points receive additional privileges such as abilty to submit higher number of entries per contests. They can also use their points to mark up to 2 submissions per contests as “Best Entries”, which can increase their chance of winning a contest”


Well, holy cow! I just won a contest with an On the Right Track. Of course, I don’t believe the CH rated anything higher than that… But it was totally off my radar. I’d read that others had won with a low rated entry, but I didn’t expect it to happen to me.

Be encouraged, people. The unexpected happens!


Ain’t no shame in giving the CH the name they really wanted all along. Sometimes the creativity they need is for a domain, not a business name.


In November, I participated in more contests than I ever have since I started on SH. Now, all my green faces are sitting on my watchlist getting older by the minute. I am pretty frustrated over the long waits and I know that the longer they sit there, the less likely they will pick a winner. I wish I understood why they just sit there. Usually, if I don’t win a contest the minute it closes, it means it will languish on my watchlist. Maybe I should stop watching? A watched pot never boils???


haha i do the same thing, constantly checking my watchlist. I guess we just have to try forget those and focus on new contests :smile:


Sometimes I wish we could talk about very specific experiences in the Forum but I know we can’t. I am completely downhearted at this point, especially after losing two contests today that I had great chances of winning and the circumstances and the names that actually got chosen. It’s not a slam on any contestants when I say that. I wish I could say more. Just pretty down.


Me too, Commulinks I’m very down.


I totally understand.

Chin up, Girls - Maybe we need to take a “Christmas Break” and focus on the beauty of the holiday?

Let’s “feast” on the festivities, and forget about the “famine” of wins that have eluded us. :kissing_heart:


Not bad. You’re doing better than most of us. I look forward to your competition. Even in PJ’s.

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i so much agreee with @AlwriteyThen (not a girl though)… i have been so depressed with my recent loss of trending flow that have forgotten its christmas… guess i should spend some jolly good times with my family and friends to clear my mind …