How do you stay encouraged on SQUADHELP?


Yes, and for the same reason you mentioned - I’m paranoid about my names being “used” and not compensated for - Which has happened quite often, hence, my paranoia. :confused:


Actually since @acaso714 mentioned that, I have just been leaving mine. I want to see if it may help a bit, but I want to brings something up for consideration as well. If you are one that does have a string of ‘no thank yous’, depending on how a CH sees our entries (which none of us are clear on and we still are waiting on further explanation of such) if it is shown even slightly similar to how we see them and the CH sees that they have given us all those NTYs, I think it would be possible that they use that as a basis for rating further entries as well. Which is what I have always been a bit hesitant on after they’ve given a few and possibly entering anymore unless I clear them out. Because wouldn’t it be at least reasonable to assume that if they see that they haven’t liked any of our other entries thus far, that they aren’t going to like the others we submit, especially if they have it glaring them in their face like that? I don’t know I just wish they would read all of our comments to better help themselves and maybe give a bit more fairness to us. I’m still seeing entirely too much glaring proof that they aren’t always doing such, which can count against us.


I feel your damned if you do and damned if you don’t.
I have received bonuses from CH’s for names that they rated “No Thank You”. Go figure.
I have also had “No Thank You” entries suddenly registered.
So I leave them.


I stopped deleting anything (with some exceptions in contests that I am pursuing heavily because I have had some success and need more room). The reason I stopped deleting them is because I had some domains registered that were in contests where I had deleted and I could then not report them. You can’t report a name that doesn’t exist.


I have reported some names that I have deleted from a contest and were later registered.They are still in my downloaded entries file…and I have copied and pasted them before…just as a fyi.


Thanks for letting me know this Holly. I never use the downloaded entries. I should do that.


I leave them, I find most of which are taken, from this category if only a slim chance of compensation, as it stands now with only 60 days and / or info having to match CH info, I’ll take that slim chance. By leaving them


Early for sure! I’ve been working my regular job like a dog, so haven’t been able to enter most contests until just hours before they end. Usually my entries aren’t even looked at when a winner is selected. Anytime I am able to enter right away, as soon as the contest is posted, I have a much better chance.


I leave all of my names…just in case. Also, what if I delete it and then someone else comes up with the same name a day later. If they end up winning, I would be so mad at myself. By not deleting, I’m keeping them in the game and protecting them from other creatives entering them.


I have also had entries marked as right track, then no, then love…you never know what will happen with your entries if more than one person is making the decision. What one likes, another hates and yet another loves.
If they don’t like any of my entries and haven’t giving us any further direction, I bow out. I’ve never been able to come up with enough names that I would need to delete old ones to make room for new ones. lol Hats off to those of you who can! But having received bonuses on “No thank you’s”…leave them!


This is for all creatives (including me) who need to remember what a green smiley looks like.


Oh !!! that’s what they look like…lol…thank you @Commulinks


CH giveth and CH taketh away. right when I think I’m getting some greenage, they switch to orange. wah! :stuck_out_tongue: I had one entry this week that went from love, like, no thank you, like, on the right track, and back to like. lol. They are trying so hard to like it but you can tell it’s just not the right fit.


Thank you @Commulinks! This put a big smile on my face even more than the real ones!


I’ve had a bad streak the past few days- so many orange faces lol! There is one comp pending where I am one of 6 entries to get a like so I’m hoping to win that to cheer me up! Wish they would announce winner already, its been over a week lol.


@ckgirl it just takes time sometimes, sometimes CHs have to report results to their teams or other people and sometimes the suggestions are too good to choose from, and then sometimes they abandon. But if it is a guaranteed contest, it will be chosen at some point, have to just be patient. I know, I know it’s frustrating and makes you anxious sometimes, especially with all the orange lately. But we’re all here for you and many of us are feeling the same way and waiting on one or two as a hopeful break. Maybe play a crossword puzzle to relax? xD Oh wait, now I wonder how many here actually do that kind of thing like play crossword puzzles, word games, scrabble, and other things to help them and if they really help them. Lol.

Anyway, ckgirl, I know you’ll get there – just hang in there and remember we’re always here to shoot the chit-chat with xD and a lot more of us will understand your frustrations than you realize. I know now that most people’s favorite color on here is now green or conversely they hate that #F5B03C color of orange (yes, I looked it up just to see if there may be any psychological triggers to that color XD I’m a geek, leave me alone, lol).

– hope any of this could make anyone laugh, I know a lot of you/us need it right now.


@rareworthy that is so funny that you looked up the orange color (or as we spell it in Canada, Colour) I shall now refer to that rating as the #F5B03C Face :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: …does this make me a geek as well ?? … lol


@ChristyMay It completely does, but that’s okay, you have friends here. Come to the geek side, we have libraries of books, video games, the history and science channels on demand, and oh yeah … those interesting foods that are part chemistry/science experiments are on an all you can eat buffet XD


I’ve been getting quite a number of Oranges these past few days from the CHs. Guess what people? I’m now officially an OrangeJuiceEntrepreneur! I get the oranges free of charge from the CHs and I get to keep all the profit! #Orangeade!


Am sure we all have oranges in abundance…the Chs just cant stop keeping em coming :grin::grin:…P.S Happy New Month to everyone