How do you stay encouraged on SQUADHELP?

I have a few ideas for new year resolutions for sh but not sure if it will get me shut down :wink:

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Day 2 and I am already addicted. I got an on the right track and I have no idea what that means but it wasn’t an I hate it. I need more points so I can submit and see more. :cry: Can some one point me in the right direction? :sweat_smile:

I’ve always loved your entries, Commulinks! There’s just so much competition these days. I’ve started to think of it as a game where the challenge is to get a like or love rating because, G-d knows, you’ll never make a living on this site!


Thank you, @Dmuldawer !!! It has actually gotten so much worse for me since I posted on this string long ago. I used to win 3-4 contests a month. Now, I don’t win even one per month. And you are so right about everything. I pulled way back on participating in contests and now focus mostly on the marketplace, which has gone pretty well. I got REALLY down about not being able to win contests anymore when I was still participating at a high level and I couldn’t win even one, let alone dozens. I win every once in a really great while now. (I mean like once in 6 months!)

I have to admit, though, that part of the reason I wasn’t winning is because of what I was “willing” to submit to contests. That’s a broad statement, but, I really made big changes.


Great! Good Luck. Let me know if you need any help in logo design, I’m not much but maybe I can give some pointers.


This is an off beat question. Does anyone earn through squadhelp affiliate? If yes please share the idea you used.

I added a link to SquadHelp to my LinkedIn page - Someone clicked, and launched a contest as a result, and I earned $45. :sunglasses:


To be honest is never easy especially to some of us when we started the journey as a creative but what I know and have come to understand is, nothing comes easy in life, and for you to be celebrated as hero, you must fight and win. I mean much energy, passion, commitment, love and enthusiasm is require to win so we must not give up. I have join this business since 2019 September as though things didn’t work the way I wish but I have the hope that one day, the storey will change for he better. For no condition is permanent so never give in life! Keep pushing and hopping for the best, for the Bible said weeping may endure in the night, but joy comes in the morning, remember hard time will come same apply to good days for such as is life, sometimes you must be on the mountain and sometimes too you will be in the valley and each and every day with its
challenges and its experience and also take note! your reaction towards challenges of life will depend on your growth and glory because I personally believe whatever I go through is a challenge which has come to shift me from my comfort zone and push me into my success, So nobody should give up especially when you’re going through your dark cloud moment for surely, your light will come one day!! STAY BLESS AND KEEP THE FIRE BURNING


It was nice story to read and you are absolutely right that nothing in world is easy to achieve. It requires struggle in winning contest.
I have problem brother. I am new to squad help plarform and I don’t have idea how to take part in contest. I select naming only. I don’t know how to fill standard listings and premium listing form. I hope you have better ideas and tips and techniques.

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When you see bad or irrelevant entries win contests, yes, it’s hard to to stay motivated and keep your confidence. I have seen CHs specifying that they need a short and easy to pronounce name and then you see that you lost to a “hipeehipeevomit” kinda entry finally winning, which comes directly in contrary to their briefs and cancels out the hard work of creatives that actually followed the brief to a T. I’m no bitter, I have seen and liked many winning entries that were smart and very easy to recall (entries that I thought, whoa I could not think of that myself, kudos to the winner) but come on, who’s going to search the web and type “” and find your website easily??
The good news is that some of CHs realise their mistake when they see the actual performance of their choice after a couple of months and get back to a launch new naming or domain naming contest. But in all honesty, some CHs don’t know what they want and end up choosing something that directly contradicts their briefs.


Thanks for posting something about CH selections that has puzzled me from the beginning of my time on SH, which is (sometimes) the apparent disconnect between the CH brief and the winning entry. I have noted this particularly with contests that ask for “Catchy and Intriguing” names, but can end up (in one instance I noted) with a generic hyphenated keyword name. All I can think of is that entries are often judged by a group or committee, and no-one can really agree so the most average entry is selected. As you say there are also some great entries that do win, and these are the ones that I usually see developed into viable businesses almost immediately. The “I can’t believe they picked this one…” winners usually end up undeveloped or dropped after a year.


Have you ever taken the time to see what part of the winning names have turned into websites? I have done it a few times. Most of these names when you type them in your browser say that “XXXXX is parked free, courtesy of” or " This site can’t be reached" on a black screen. My favourite ones are “XXXXX is for sale” though. A very few of winning entries turn into actual websites for live and trading businesses. I am just saying what the facts speak. :stuck_out_tongue: