How do you stay encouraged on SQUADHELP?


I had a word phonetically spelled out and it was difficult to pronounce, errrrrr lol,


That’s happened to me, too.


I think the worst is when you get a snide comment from a CH and you want to respond. I never do respond, but I do jump up and down, complete 400 laps of my office in 10 seconds, swear a lot, shout at the cat/kids/husband/neighbours and throw a fit that generally resembles something like the birth scene in the Alien movie. :imp:

Then I open a bottle of wine. :slight_smile:


Keep at it, Seez, you’re good at blends and putting together an awesome name (Willows in the Wind, Knob and Key ect)


I got “sounds like a cancer medicine” lol :laughing: .


I got “sounds like an Italian gangster doing time for murder.”


LOL! You’re killing me here!


ONE time, a CH’s comment to me was similar to this but different and for some reason it made me LOLOLOL. The CH is that instance put a giggle in there so it was ok. But I have gotten some doozies.

@AbleBrands - try opening the wine first and see if you even want to do the rest of that after. LOLOLOLOLOL. :see_no_evil:


We need a SquadHelp Standup Comedy Show area of the site so @geniuswaitress and @AbleBrands can entertain us. You guys are so funny!!!


I once got a comment that my name sounded like a name chippendale dancers would use when off the books LMAO I didn’t see it and thought about it for days and days and still didn’t and still don’t see it, but it is what it is. Thankfully that CH was laughing about it and the comment made me roll on the floor, but I was like, how are you seeing this? I didn’t say that, of course, I just typed a reply of, “LOL I am so sorry, I will try something away from that.” LOL :joy:

On another note:
For all that have asked, I have started doing logos. Although I will say our logo designers are so incredibly talented, and I definitely don’t think I’m even coming close to the ability they have, but at least I am trying. It’s time consuming and feedback with that side of SH is so very lacking. I thought spending half hour or hour for several good names only to get no feedback was frustrating. Well spending hours literally shaping polygons and random shapes into a logo and then not getting feedback sends you through the roof. I’ll try it once in awhile but for only the ones I think are worth it. Thank you all for your encouragement into me trying, at least, you give and gave me hope to at least put in an effort to see how it goes so thank you all!


Good luck @rareworthy!!


I had a CH tell me my entry sounded like a sneeze…and then I realized they were right lol I couldn’t believe I didn’t catch it myself but it was a good laugh!!


Sounds like “urination”-- that was a fun one.


i am drinking my coconut and i read ur post @geniuswaitress , wewww thats so funny, my glass almost fall loool


Good luck too @rareworthy


I got… makes me think of Sasquatch
That one really did make me laugh.


Ok I should specified a green face when there aren’t 100 others would be good,

I feel Discouraged

It’s always good to be specific when you wish for something! “I wish to have all my entries loved and shortlisted in SEVERAL contests where nobody else is loved or shortlisted.” Tee hee, like that will happen! :grin:


Well, I don’t know much about encouragement but I sure know a lot about discouragement this month. What a lousy month it’s been for me. It’s getting old.


Lol, I got your back on this