How do you stay encouraged on SQUADHELP?


I thought I would share a story about the Painted lady butterflies that I was talking about for anyone who is interested.


this thread is needed for me this week. Can’t seem to get away from the sea of orange :cry: lol


It’s weird…the last day or so…I am getting orange faces or love its…no in between. (Mainly orange though…ouch!)


You’re getting love its, even if it’s less than orange … at least its something! I seemingly have to do cartwheels while drinking a glass of water and juggling bowling pins that are set aflame to get a love it. :joy: Count your blessings, sister, and keep at it with that amazing ability of yours! :heart:


Same here…in the last 24 hrs it’s been love, then two min. Later no thank you. It happened like 4 times in a row. Crazy!


It’s a fickle gig,isn’t it? Wishing you lots of green faces that stick around! :0)


What is really discouraging for me that’s endless name ideas duplication. I don’t want name them in public but you all know what i mean. Of course CHs don’t realize this. But we do…


Yes, this has become my greatest frustration because a) I thought it was not allowed and b) I just cannot bring myself to get onto the bandwagons so I lose money. I keep trying to convince myself it is OK… but I just can’t.


I have blue buttoned that many times…but I see it keep happening. Not only do I personally feel it is unfair, as to me it is not only copying someone else’s names instead of submitting your own original names…but I feel it unfair to the CH’s that think they are getting an original name,and would probably be very upset if they knew a slight variation of their name has won 10 other contests in the last 6 months.I facetiously even said one time when I wasn’t winning any contests…well, I guess I should just enter a variation of XYZ name and get some wins.But I am like you Clinks/Vuriko…my integrity won’t let me do it.Not only as I feel it’s unfair to the other creatives and the integrity of SH…but I made a commitment to give CH’s the best name I can for their brand…so cannot do it knowing it’s already floating around for eleventy hundred other businesses.


Even if i get inspired by other CH’s examples for exploring (in even other similar contests) i’ll try to be very careful with my inspiration. I delete my “inspired” names when i suppose them too close to the original. Thanks for support, Hollygirl and Commulinks!


I am really glad you brought this up @vuriko. It has been bothering me A LOT.


As Hollygirl has said, [quote=“hollygirl, post:296, topic:1750”]
I feel it unfair to the CH’s that think they are getting an original name,and would probably be very upset if they knew a slight variation of their name has won 10 other contests in the last 6 months.

i agree with this so much.


Yes. Yes. THIS. I can’t skimp on my own integrity either. But mine goes a little deeper than this, because there are some abnormally common names that win sometimes. Not saying they lack any originality as I’ve seen what CHs request and I follow the thought process on it as I’ve thought of similar names myself to the ones that seem to win. I never submitted those, though, because after doing a lot of research on TMs, branding, marketing, influence branding, influence marketing, etc – I’ve found out that these names not only make us cringe from time to time but customers, patent and trademark lawyers, and affiliates as well. With this in mind and the reason for such as well, I can’t bring myself to submit ‘quick’ or ‘first thought’ names because it may not be fair. But then what I do come up with is usually so out of the box that they aren’t well favored. I get likes and loves sometimes. I trend sometimes. But not chosen. I think I get hit and missed, like some of you do, a lot because I rather give a one in a million outside the box name than an everyone and their brother has type of name but yet everyone wants the latter, it seems and I just can’t commit to that.


The other thing that made me feel bad…was I saw two logo contests that two different CH’s ran after getting virtually the same name…that were a logo for the exact name. So I felt bad for them that they committed to this name and even put more money in to it by doing a logo…when someone else was doing the same thing thinking they had a unique name.


I think we here create some naming tendencies. And it would be good to make them decent…


so unpleasant experience :disappointed:


i think there are more things to worry about than that- not everyone wants a totally unique name and if they did they would just pick one of these awful made up words I see winning all the the time.
Not many are totally unique if they have real words in them


Well, I agree. Practical concerns dictate that we give the customer what he likes, not what we ourselves like even if that means throwing all types of random things at the wall and seeing what sticks, often just to get some guidance/ratings on how to move forward.

If the client loves and picks a common or Squadhelp cliche/fad type name despite having hundreds of other name options, it’s their choice and so be it. Maybe it really works for them.


But the thing is…some of these names that are being repeated over and over on the surface seem like a unique name,and the CH is most likely unaware it has just won a dozen contests. They usually are not coming here to just get rehashes of names that have currently won.Besides,unless it has changed since I came on two years ago,when we submit names we are supposed to be attesting they are our original creation as far as we know,and when close variations of winning names keep getting submitted over and over, then in my mind, those rules are not being adhered to,and that’s not fair to creatives who are trying to follow the rules and submit original names.


The contest holder is the ultimate judge in these matters. The name they chose may work for them personally, for reasons we may never know. We are giving the customer lots of options, which is all we can do.

As for judging names based on originality and uniqueness, it is a tricky and subjective matter and what we personally desire is often not the ideal or practical route. Many times it depends on the individual factors and needs of the contest and not everyone is looking for unique names. For example, I can guarantee you that many names with Nutri, Bio and Vita in them are going to win in the future, and have done so many many times in the past; but they are industry keywords and names with them often have exact or short palatable .coms available. Oak is a popular, overused and common word but it is a real word and has strong symbolic meaning, and some contest holders people want real, common and simple words or concepts so that customers understand the company name or philosophy.

If we are bent on giving contest holders unique and creative names (That we love) but they don’t like or never choose as winner, what purpose does it serve?