How do you stay encouraged on SQUADHELP?


writes down the ideas as they come to mind…

LoveCoin, LoveToken, TokenOLove…



And then, when every single one of those is taken, you bite your tongue, hope the gods of clever writing are looking the other way, and submit LuvCoinzApp.


You guys are killin’ me!!! OK, I had to admit that I just had to delete all the variations of LoveCoins that I just thought of based on “popular” names… You have no idea what that just did to my lips as I bit down!
so now instead I have Luvqoins and


And you just know the winner will be MyLuvquoins.


Hahaha. (2020202020)


I’m dreading the month change because May was my best month this year and it is going to drop off so my score is going to go wild. Ugh.


LETS ALL STAY ENCOURAGED… now that SH has instituted some house cleaning rules for contests and OLD contests I thing it will help filter out all the old stuff and and will help the process going forward… so nowBIG PICTURE ANALYSIS… when times get frustrating step away for a few days and do something for yourself… read research and learn new words… think of words images thoughs and feelings as your inspiration… and MOTIVATION… keep a notebook for ideas … but I have only been doing this a few months and I HAVE A HUGE LEARNING CURVE and still have alot to learn… so lets stay FRESH… and when you feel SALTY take a step away research trends research words and expand our MINDS this is a COLOQUIAL of KNOWLEDGE
Sorry if I misspelled I am on my phone


Couldn’t have said it any better, @Vivegoodkarma, CHEERS :beers:


THANK YOU !!! As we know with TECHNOLOGY TIMES are So AGILE… and we have to think that way… be sharp be ready… I work 40 plus hours a week doing SH because I am very ADHD and I would rather do this than play a video game… I can expand my mind and learn about up and coming technology and BEYOND… and HEY it is ok to feel SALTY I have toooooo when I get my BRIGHT GREEN HAPPY FACES my daughter says to me … I know MOMMA why you are happy… I still have alot to learn … and I can be called a titty baby and that is fine… IF I AM NOT LIVINGING I AM NOT LEARNING AND IF I AM NOT LEARNING I AM NOT LIVING


You know what is really encouraging here at my house today? We have butterflies EVERYWHERE…thousands of butterflies that are flying through our property on their way to Mexico. It is extraordinary to see and it has never happened here at our house before. They are all over my flowers… you just can’t imagine how beautiful it is.


@Commulinks…Wow, that must be so amazing seeing thousands of butterflies !!! I am trying to imagine :slight_smile:


They have been coming through for a couple of weeks now. Recently we had some windy/rainy weather so we didn’t see so many but they were back today. It’s so special!


For the past couple of days I’ve got to see the big swarms of migrating birds fly past on their way to Africa. Amazingly it only happens just as the Sun is rising over the sea, it is glorious, I had a tear! Just a couple of days and that’s it till next year, at the moment its my “window” to watch the sunrise every morning in my little bay then I have to wait till March. It’s funny how getting older makes you so much more emotional over nature, well for me anyway!! :grin: Heres to keeping our chins up anyway!! New month New hope!!


First time im at zero wins, since i started over 2 years ago, granted i had a short hiatus, , but i used to average about 1/50 contests i entered, so its sometimes can get tough to stay morivated, As Ricky Waters once said For Who? For what? well i say For me, For pride…So i will just happily plug away till this ship rights itself or sinks, good news my CH rating percentage has come up about 10 points but still not back in the 80s , YET…


I"m quoting from someone from the past here but after not winning, it’s “ON TO THE NEXT” (contest)


Idea: It would be awesome if a CH received pop-up messages when they are filling out their brief that give them ideas and more direction. For example, if they say they are looking for a name for an App and they only choose a .com, the suggestion would be to add .io, .co and .ly extensions.

There could be a lot of popups for circumstances like this. For example if they say they wand a 4-5 letter domain, they get a popup.


Ohhhh here is an idea!!! And I owe this to @Commulinks

Maybe like for social media sites, and website building sites, and other heavily orchestrated UI/UX websites, SH could have an introductory tutorial interface when a CH launches a contest, and it walks them through the different steps of the brief creation process that considers keystrokes, keywords, AND clicks as part of the UX to building a brief and it would include tooltips, popups, and even links to FAQ information right there when and where it would be needed in front of the CH.



Page comes up and immediately page focuses to type of contest – popup comes up saying examples of contests available to be done and offers insights

Naming contest —

Page refocuses to the name field, popup comes up saying how important the title of the contest is and how unique and informative titles can attract attention as well as specify contest type and category of business

Domain options –

Focus to field and popup explains the type of extensions SH allows and which ones are recommended for which purposes and why allowing more extensions will equal better results and why/how more names would be available for certain extensions and further explain that short, real name DOTCOMs are usually taken and that opening extensions or being more flexible in searching requirements would help them.

Brief –

A pop could link or repeat info in the FAQs on how to be detailed, tell of the business, tell of the image they want to be conveyed, ideas they have in mind for their company, how the name fits to that, and how better and concise description and more information will turn out the best results


I really could type on this idea a lot but this is just a short explanation. The tutorial would guide them through with tooltips and popups and give access to FAQs, answer questions, and hold their hand to creating the best brief that they are able to do. I can see it in my head and it would possibly really help for new CHs and be completely UI/UX based and would be just a big walkthrough as you do type of experience. Wonder if this would be possible.

Thoughts? @Grant @Darpan @anyone?


I goofed and put this idea on the wrong thread. It should have been on the how to improve thread. Oops!

Rare, I love what you wrote and that’s really what I meant.


Oops, I didn’t look at title when replying, so we both goofed -_-


@rareworthy @Commulinks It actually works for this thread too! Better briefs would keeps us all encouraged lol