How do you stay encouraged on SQUADHELP?


Hey Hey @WHAYASAY looks like you got a win today!!! <that’s my cheerleader voice lol>
And look the month is not over. :smile:


@WHAYASAY You didn’t give up and look what happened! Definitely inspiring for those that want to give up to not do so and look what can happen! Congrats!


I can’t find the one you won today but congratulations anyway!!!
I’m still winless but this gives me a little hope.


Thanks guys …am jus seeing the win also … have not been with my laptop and phone all day…am amazed my second 300$ win since i joined this community…i guess hardwork always pays off


@WHAYASAY Way to Go! Congrats!


Woohoo … And Another One … trust me guys there is always a win somwhere for each and everyone of us in here … all we have to do is just work hard to discover it… have discovered two this month even tho it came late … it was worth it


I wish I could say the same!!! Congrats to you!


Congrats! This month is the first time all year (or longer) I have not had at least one win or more…so I am feeling the sting of it and frustrated,as all my love its and high ratings are going nowhere. But I am truly happy for those whose ship is coming in. I know we all work hard, and it is gratifying when the payoff comes! Good for you!


That moment when you’re sure, positively, obviously, that you totally nailed it, found a perfect domain and can’t wait to see the Love/shortlist in your feed, only to see OTRT.
I am SO BEYOND frustrated.


Welcome to my world, Clinks!


Think of it this way, @hollygirl @Commulinks @LauraE , now you have more instant recommendations for other contests! That is the only way I am staying positive right now with all of these likes, love its, and otrts with no wins for months on end. :persevere:


I am FINALLY celebrating a win! Holy cow, what a month!


Way to go, CLinks, it was only a matter of time before you did!


@rareworthy, you are a gem, I’m sending you a big hug for support!! ((((Rareworthy)))


You’re so sweet, thank you, darling. ((((LauraE))))


I’m this close to asking the landlord if I can pay my rent in “Love its.”


:joy:That sounds like a good idea, I wonder if my landlord would go with that as well, maybe even the water company and the gas and electric too. :joy::joy:


I do have to say that one way I stay encouraged on SH is by reading all of the posts and giggling out loud at the sense of humor everyone has around here. I’m not joking, it really is great. I have worked basically “alone” for almost 20 years so it is nice to have some interactions!

@geniuswaitress I see no reason why your landlord would not take LoveIt currency. If people can use “Bitcoin” and think that is real, then why not??? #LoveCoin - Yikes, then I realized your landlord might think that being paid in LoveCoin is something altogether different. LOL


Can I give this 20 :heart:s or #lovecoins I’m dying here, Clinks :joy::joy:



I wonder how many of us will use LoveCoins in the next “Name My Dating Site” contest? (LOL) :laughing: