How do you stay encouraged on SQUADHELP?


Mehn i could really use a morale boost right now … its like every contests this month is nuh for me No Loves, Likes Rarely …And no thank yous keep flooding my Activity feed😔


I think many of us are in the same boat, lately. So we’re furiously paddling right along side of you! Lol! I think we need to remember that it is all subjective…and you may get a run of CH’s that just don’t get your naming style,or have something particular they are looking for that isn’t in your wheelhouse. It really may not,and probably doesn’t have anything at all to do with your ability as a namer. (That’s what I tell myself all the time when I have these low points!) But because as someone in another thread said(maybe Lightless? )…there are so many contests to choose from…if one doesn’t resonate…just move onto the next, and eventually you will hit a contest where the CH thinks your names are terrific! If I am in a slump…I limit my amount of entries to one or two until I see the lay of the land and how receptive they are. Then I chose to either try more, or move on.That way I try to do damage control and not have it affect my stats as much, or cause me frustration. It’s great that we have a constant supply of contests…so it’s not a do or die situation for only a few contests. Hang in there! You will soon be on the upswing again!


Thanks Holly… u re right, there are more than enough contests to go round …:slightly_smiling_face: U re such a gem


Hi it can get discouraging. There are times when you can try very hard to meet the briefs requirement and the contest holder chooses something not even close. I think they think they know what they want until they see it sometimes. I have had a win, and it is still easy to get discouraged…my “supercool” names in my mind are often the ones most rejected. Remember we are trying to get inside the mind of someone who has a lot of emotions invested in something and sometimes that misleads them.I hate to say it, but sometimes its just pot luck on hitting it right no matter how much though you put into it. Hang in there.


Congratulations! Yeah it’s pretty cool isn’t it?


@WHAYASAY - Here’s a huge pat on that back to you for all the success you’ve had on SH!!! I am TRYING to put my head back into “success mode” so I thought I would say that to YOU!

At the same time, it feels like something has changed… but I can’t put my finger on what it is. I keep thinking there’s something I’m not catching. We are getting lots of great feedback from CHs now. So much better than before. So the “stew” should be better! But it isn’t.


keep thinking you will figure it out eventually


Hi Guys … Am i doing something Wrong … all i keep seeing is me Trending … nd still couldnt get my hand on a win … for over a month now … its so unlike me … am i doing it wrng😭


I know just what you mean, @WHAYASAY. I wish I had answers but it always seems to be some kind of trend in what CHs are thinking although I have no evidence of that! Try to change something you are doing… go back and analyze. That usually helps me when I am in a slump. (Although, it hasn’t helped me lately!). I’ve had a run where most of my most likely wins were sitting on my watchlist… for a very long time. I hope it picks up for you soon.


@WHAYASAY Same thing with me. :frowning: I feel like the trending board is the “we’ll see” board. Like when kids ask for something you know isn’t going to happen, but you say “we’ll see” just to avoid a fuss.


It’s starting to feel like a relationship where I feel the attraction waning, and now I’m acting all crazy and desperate in an attempt to save it, which is just making it worse.

Maybe if I submit something sexier to spice things up?
Maybe it’s because I’m old and I need to submit something younger.
Maybe I need to show how much I care and submit 900 names a day.
But then again, maybe I need to play it cool, show I’m not so needy …

Meanwhile, Squadhelp has been cheating on me with my best friend behind my back. :slight_smile:


That’s hilarious and accurate :joy:


[quote=“geniuswaitress, post:238, topic:1750”]
Maybe it’s because I’m old and I need to submit something younger.[/quote]
Ouch! - You’re stepping on my toes now, Girlfriend…LOL :laughing:


@geniuswaitress @Chasity2ku @AlwriteyThen

I want to pin this on my desktop, on my profile, just pin it everywhere. I love this! It’s hilarious and so true as Chasity said. And the three of you and @WHAYASAY I have to say that you all are inspiring and so creative to me. So at least I know when you guys are having a hard time to not be so upset. You all do so much better than me, however. In a year, I have only won twice. But, as I’ve said before, I am one of those odd ones that usually thinks outside of the box. With the no thank you additional insights, however, I am learning that a majority of CHs think my entries are hard to pronounce (these are real words and made up ones alike) so now I am always second guessing myself if the names are longer than five letters if people would be able to pronounce them or not.

I am changing up the way I do things and the types I submit, though, much like geniuswaitress has joked about above. It’s still not getting me anywhere really, but I am going to keep plugging at it. Just know that you all are an inspiration to me along with MANY others here as well. Do not lose faith, you’re not doing anything wrong, and many of us admire you for your ingenuity and creative abilities. Don’t give up because if you all give up that shows that some of the rest of us should not be doing this at all. It’s just always feast or famine around here and a lot of us live in poverty :joy: but sometimes a kind stranger will toss a $100 into our styrofoam cup. :joy: Great creatives like you just flux and wan with the ‘economy’. :joy::joy:


Granted, because I took 2 weeks off from naming to do my competition,I haven’t had alot going this month…but seems like all my trending names/love it’s have been sitting in Never Neverland the last month or two,not being awarded. Frustrating. Seems like a cycle where I am not even getting very many names rated. No wins at all this month. Ouch! I think we all go thru these times where things just don’t gel no matter what we do. I guess you just hang in there as tomorrow or next week, you might suddenly be on a roll. (or not! lol!) This gig is a fickle lover, that’s for sure!


@WHAYASAY I feel your pain! Haven’t had a win in a long time. Hopefully this is just a phase that will end real soon. Best of luck to you and everyone else who can relate! This forum has been very encouraging.


It Happens to the best of Us, just remember the level of creative you are and the scales will balance back out,It happens to me frequently as well, Best bet is to put on some blinders and know thst this too shall pass…


I don’t even look at the trending board anymore. I learned a long time ago that it really doesn’t mean much.when it comes to picking the winner. I’ve won with an “ONRT entry” where there were loves and likes and I wasn’t trending. Ive also lost where I had the only"Love and Likes" and all my entries shortlisted. I try to give them one name in each of the five style options to try to see which direction they are headed. Then I’ll submit more based on feedback


Wow Thanks Guys @Commulinks @ALDaisy1 @geniuswaitress @rareworthy @hollygirl @annoloc @seezall @LisaMac and everyother creatives …you guys are so accomodating and understanding …i feel relieved a little Thanks to yall …i guess i just have to keep goin …no giving up …when i joined this community i look up to most of you and i still do …am so happy you guys are still here for me all day any day …Thanks Guys …We Are The Best.


Congrats on your win today @WHAYASAY!!