How do you stay encouraged on SQUADHELP?


That wasn’t a thought, I asked 3 questions. If you disagree with the opinions that my questions stem from then I would ask that you answer those three questions, and who knows…maybe I’ll form a different opinion of the matter based on your input. Until then, in regards to your comment I’ll say this, I’ve never implied newbies can’t win, and I certainly don’t think that. Everybody that has ever won a SH contest (including myself) started with zero wins. I’ve never implied you can’t win without having an impressive win count, I’ve implied members with an impressive win count may have an edge over newbies.


Did you know the Orange Faces use to be 'RED" It was Awful!!


Lol, I was just thinking that the other day that it would be something if the faces were red with a mean face. Wow, I’m glad they changed it!


I find the whole bonus thing a hard pill to swallow. If you win a contest which pays $200 for an entry which the CH obviously liked, but then they give you a bonus of $50 for another entry which you think is fantastic and could probably use in a myriad of other contests. They’re basically getting a whole other entry for a measly $50. It should be at least half of the original contest pay. Just my opinion.


Thank you all for your beautiful and encouraging words. I have been doing this for about two weeks and while I’ve gotten many likes and an occasional love, I have yet to win any contests. My bigger question though is whether or not Contest Holders can block the submissions of certain creatives.

I’ve noticed that if I get a few low scores in a contest, change direction, and then enter new ideas that the new ideas never get rated. Has that happened to anyone else?

Also, for those of you who have won, are you notified by e-mail, by phone, or do you just have to keep looking on the site?

Thank you for encouraging all the newbies!


The fact that you are getting like its and love its…means you are on your way. It takes time sometimes to get a win.It took me two months when I first started. You have to hang in and be patient. You’ll find at times you will not get wins you thought you would, and be surprised by a win you didn’t know you were even in the running for! So you have to just keep trying.

I don’t think CH’s can “block” creative’s entries. It is probably more likely the CH just stopped rating…either because they are overwhelmed, or they already have a name in mind they are likely to choose. It is common at times to have CH’s that rate the very first day…then don’t rate anymore.Some don’t rate at all. I have had contests where my entries don’t even get looked at.Since it is all up to the CH…there can be many different scenarios.

If you win…you are notified by email.It will also appear in your activity log.Best of luck!


I am resurrecting this topic for the sake of all of us who are needing encouragement. I am EXTREMELY frustrated and need a boost, frankly. I once again have most of my best contests sitting in my watchlist unresolved. I am disheartened by that and many other things that are happening for me lately here. It’s not that I am not getting some “loves”… it’s the things that are happening after the fact. I now feel like I am wasting my time in a really big way.


I think most of us here can relate to how you are feeling right now. But, I do know that you are very good at this! Take a short break and maybe chocolate will help! : )


Thank you for your sweetness @lushell!!!


Dear @Commulinks, believe me you are an awesome creative, no no no u aint wasting your time here, you’re a good one. Just keep it going. We are Squad.


It means so much to me when people like you and @lushell, whom I admire so much, give me these kind words.


I feel ya on this one. My luck here had been absolutely horrible the past several weeks. I struggle to even get a like much less a love or god forbid an actual win. I’ve been on SH for 5 years plus and go through these periods of doubt and frustration all the time. To remind myself that I’m not a complete failure I look at past wins to help inspire me to keep going. Also support from the awesome SH community can be a godsend at times. You are one of the cream of the crop here and you help make SH what it is today. You’ve proven time and time again that you belong here. Keep your chin up and keep on naming. :wink:


I love SH but it truly is a roller coaster ride. I’m either on a roll or nothing, nothing, nothing. @Commulinks Don’t give up. You are an awesome creative and deserve to be here. Talk a breather and come back refreshed and ready to kick butt - hopefully it won’t be mine. LOL


I totally, totally relate…after being on the leaderboard every month for 6 months or so in a row…I got knocked off last month.I was working my tail off…and the same thing happened…I either got strings of rejections no matter what contest I entered, and what names I submitted…or if I got high ratings…it either was abandoned,cancelled, or I lost in the bot (all except for once)…or the CH chose someone else.I picked up a few…but not many in comparison to what I was trending in,or had been doing. I go thru this all the time, where I think “What in the world am I knocking my head against the wall for?” Especially when it seems like it is so slow to improve your ratings…but so quick to have them tumble. But then I try to pep talk myself and remind myself things can change on a dime. I think this is just the nature of the beast. Since every CH has different tastes, and not all contests are in our wheelhouse…you are bound to have highs and lows.I have to chuckle when we all seem to share the same experiences/frustrations! I have cut back my naming some as I feel kind of burned out and discouraged…but am trying to motivate myself. Luckily I am going to Nationals next month again (Actually they are International now…woo hoo!) …so when I am totally frustrated, I just go work on my music! It’s a great stress reliever! Chin up,girlie! You’re doing fine!


You all just rock! Thank you so much!!! What a great bunch of people. Yeah! People! Not avatars!!!


Holly, tell me more about your music and the “Internationals”!!! Wow!


I don’t want to hijack this thread…so I’ll just make it short…it started out as a National Singing contest, with winners from most States coming to compete Nationally…but now it has become International…as we have people from Finland, Canada, Australia, Jamaica, and other countries I can’t remember, that come now too. It’s a really tough competition,as you are scored on not only vocals, but outfits/costumes,stage presence,and a myriad of other things…it a pretty high glitz and high powered contest. I somehow came in second last year…so am going back to see if I might possibly pull off a win this year! But I would just be thrilled to make Top 5 again. So I am working hard on that and will be gone to do the week long competition in Sept. Thanks for asking!


CLinks, I love ya, but I’m here to shake you up with a dose of reality. You are an awesome and successful namer. You’ve been here for what? Almost a year and a half? and look at how many wins you’ve had! In my eyes, tons! The kind of wins I and other dream off. Now, the tough love part: There are excellent namers here who work hard and rarely win or have been in a slump for months on end. If you could look through those lens instead of the recent slow spot you’re in, I think it might change your perception of where you really are at, which is just a minor bump /end of tough love :kissing_heart:


Thank you, @LauraE. You are right and I should be thinking that way. I appreciate it.


Good luck to you, @hollygirl!!! That sounds amazing!