How do you stay encouraged on SQUADHELP?


i dont know if this is weird or not… i actually can’t say if their is a particular kinda contest am good at, be it Consultings, I.T, Brand, eCommerce, etc… The major thing That gets me going on any contest is how good the brief is, as long as you have an idea of the kinda names you want am always ready to Throw in some creativity…When it comes to low brief contests all i do is submit an idea or two and wait for Ratings and once i see d Orange faces, off i go…Can’t Afford Much… Lol…so i don’t know if their re other creatives like me here or am just the Weirdo… @Commulinks @Promann @acaso714 @lightless


Thanks all, for your opinions and ideas. Going forward I hope I can do better in contests that resonate deeply with me or that relate to topics I am very knowledgeable about.

P.S : Sometimes you find inspiration in the strangest of places. Recently I came across the Zagat handbook of NYC restaurants, a book that lists and briefly reviews all the restaurants in New York. Seeing all those different names/naming strategies at play in one of the most competitive restaurant scenes on earth was quite informative and inspirational.


I see what you mean Whayasay. On those contests that are so much of a shot in the absolute dark, I do the same thing unless I feel like I really get who they are and what they want. I limit the amount of time I am going to spend to try to read someone’s mind. LOL. (And especially on the lowest prize contests).


Have any of you read Murder Must Advertise by Dorothy Sayers? She was a copy writer at one point in her life, and this novel is set in an advertising firm. Some of what you mentioned (@lightless) brought a line from her story to mind, “that the most convincing copy was always written with the tongue in the cheek, a genuine conviction of the commodity’s worth producing–for some reason–poverty and flatness of style.”

I’m sure that’s not true all the time, but it’s a comfort to me when I find that the CHs that like my names are ones whose company/product is something I know nothing about and just popped something down on a whim. Every time I have come up with what I am certain is a clever, appropriate, catchy name, it invariably receives an "on the right track"from the CH.


Well good for you, because when I feel that way, I usually get a “No thanks!:laughing: - :grimacing:


LOL! I get plenty of those, too. I almost prefer them. The other feels like being damned with faint praise.


Hey guys, I was wondering (since I’m still fairly new here), what is a bonus? I received one earlier but what does it actually mean? Does it mean that the CH is not choosing my entry as a winner but is giving a sort of ‘second place’ award? Please fill me in :smile:


Hi @ckgirl welcome!!!

A Bonus is a compensation sent to you by a CH. If they intend to use multiple entries from the contest, they must compensate the Creatives who submitted the entry. In case of naming contests, if you want to register additional domain names from your contest, you can do so as long as you pay a $50 bonus to the Creatives who came up with the names.


On top of what Rachel said, Contest holders sometimes also send a bonus for great names (Even if they don’t register)/great efforts or even as extra payment on top of a contest award.


I would just like to say that I absolutely ADORE this platform. The creatives in the community are always so helpful and encouraging. I have received some very nice and encouraging messages from members and it is wonderful to know that there are such great people here who enjoy this as much as I do! SH is also always so helpful, even when I bombard them with questions :smile: So a big thank you to everyone here for making this such a fun place to be! :smile:


Woah, there sure has been a lot of CH harshness/rejection lately. Phew, it is hard to take!


I know. I can’t get a ‘love it’ to save my life! : )


wow i thought it’s been only me …have had tons of orange faces flowing down My Activity Feeds…so unusual


Definitely not just you! I had one of those moments, too, where you are all engrossed in creating names for a particular contest and you feel like you are on a roll… then after you submitted a ton of names you suddenly realize they’ve already rejected every single one. Man, I’ve got to check that more often! It’s especially disheartening when you feel like you’ve given them exactly everything the said they wanted in the brief!!!


It’s been too orange of a week for me too! I saw someone send this out once and it cheered me up so here’s a BIG green face for all of the wonderful creatives here :wink:


It’s so perty!!! I miss you, green face! So very much!


So sweet of u @acaso714 …dnt really know why d lil Green faces have been hiding…but i Sure Love This👍


The implication of your thought is that there will be no new users winning contest which is not so


My recent dashboard is nothing but orange, for the past one week nothing like green. Maybe SH can change the color of that thing. #TIRED


hilarious…Only you can change the colors by not giving up and by giving it your best everytime…And again the Orange Faces are inevitable ,just don’t look at it as being bad but rather as a means of inspiration to do better @Muyi4every or should i say Mr Muyiwa :smile: