How do you stay encouraged on SQUADHELP?


Hello fellow Creatives. I have been feeling very discouraged lately. I had a good rating of %90.02 and that was very uplifting I got a boost of encouragement from that. Then after only three weeks on here I got my first love. And I still have not won any contests. I’ve noticed that people who wins breaks the preferred number of words for business names. For example they may only want two words and the business name that wins has three words. Or they are looking for a certain word to be included in their business name and the winning name don’t even include the word. This naming thing is getting frustrating and confusing especially when I follow all of the rules listed in the brief. I have received a lot of likes and on the right tracks which confirms to me that I belong here. But how do you stay encouraged?

Creative Freshmen


Don’t lose hope hun, I have been here many months now and the only win I have gotten was a split bot-pick. I haven’t had many loves either and I always seem to miss the mark with most in the exact ways that you have said. So at least I know I am not alone. I put a lot of effort into the names I come up with and then sometimes I see what wins and while it’s against no one, I just shake my head. Mostly at myself. The simplest things sometimes. Something that would have only taken moments to come up with or are so kitschy that I try to stay away from them, are sometimes the ones that win. “Well, why didn’t I think of that?” The problem, sometimes, I did but I thought that it was too ‘general’ and not worth the money that CHs are paying for a name. Therein lies the problem. I’m overguessing myself sometimes, but then again, I refuse to use bucket names. As I have stated before to a few, I like to come up with unique words, words that aren’t always plain and simple but more fitting to the meaning, motto, etc. Sometimes CHs can get on board with that, mostly though, they do want something plain and simple. I think my hang up with that is, though, why come here then? There are name grocery stores all over the web that offer these types of names, some for even the price that you’d pay here. I guess I just like to try to offer the service that they clearly come here for. I have received loves and some feedback when I get it that tells me I should be here too, but it is a struggle, especially when I know that sometimes I feel I am not doing so well and I worry that CHs can pull up my profile and go ‘Oh well she hasn’t won anything whereas thispersonhere has better not pick anything of hers’.

To be honest, Jalissa, it’s hard. Really hard. It takes not only creativity and imagination, but it does take a level of mind-reading/people-reading, skill, luck, favoritism (its ‘crowdsourcing’ – follow the crowd, soandso has had so many wins and has been preferred this many times and via crowd mentality has better average so pick over someone that does not unless the name is really liked ((not saying this happens ALL the time, but I do know that there is no possible way this does not happen at all)) ), and many other factors and qualities. It is hard to not get burned out, especially when you see others gaining for going outside the rules or wants. But you know what? We have our own niche, our own style, our own individuality. Maybe it isn’t lack of skill that hasn’t seen us to success yet but maybe the opposite. Sometimes true talent takes a lot longer to be recognized and/or understood. And to be honest, I want to be chosen, yes – who doesn’t? But, thinking about it now, if it came down to it – even though I seriously need and not only that but want this to pan out because i love it and have been told at least a few times that my submissions are worth it – i would rather be chosen for a name that i put time, effort, creativity, imagination, research, thought, and understanding into than just a supermarket aisle type of name that given enough time anyone could have come up with. That’s just my take, though.

Let me tell you this. If you’ve been here more than a few weeks, if you keep trying in the face of rejection, losing will, losing energy. If you come up with things that are unique and seem that you have to explain sometimes. If you find yourself on here at all hours just trying to research, come up with ideas, be whimsical, be traditional, meet all the wants and needs of the CH and so on. If you do these things then stop right now and listen to me. You belong here. Don’t let anyone or anything convince you otherwise. It is those that face adversity and times of trying, times of rejection, and yet still keep going, still stay positive, it is those that BELONG HERE. It just may take a bit for you to come into your moment and your time. That’s the reality of being lumped into a pot of others and like it or not, being compared to them. You might be the one and only piece of shrimp at the bottom of the soup pot, but someone is going to want you and search for you and ultimately find you. And it will be that person or those people that do that are the one(s) that deserves to and probably will appreciate you and what you can offer that much more.

So keep at it. You’ve been here, you’re doing your laps around the block, but you’re not sprinting or running and you’re retaining all that energy for when you need it. Your time WILL come and when it does, it’s going to feel so good and you’re going to be that much more proud of yourself that you stuck it out when you could have more easily quit. Work and determination with just a spoonful of optimism and creativity will pay off, it always does – it just sometimes takes longer than what we wish it to, but it will happen. So hang in there, you’re not the only one dangling and we’ll keep you company. :slight_smile: :beers:


Hi Jalissa,

I am new here myself and having a lot of fun. When I was new and I got my first “like it” smiley i was like, wow this is fun! And then I got my first “love it”, yay! but then, I got my first win and i was like hey! maybe I’m not completely terrible at this. And it’s a bit addicting. I think there is an ebb and flow where some days your screen just lights up orange and nobody seems to be liking your entries, and then other days you’re crushing it. It’s inspiring to see how simple or punny some of the winning submissions are. And you say - duh, why didn’t I think of that?

Over time after analyzing the briefs and comparing the winning names to my entries - that has helped a lot. As time goes on I’m starting to see a pattern of which types of contests I gravitate towards and do better with - I suppose that can only come with experience. I hope to expand my talents and be able to think of cool made up techy words but right now, that’s not my forte. So I’m focused on the industries I enjoy and know.

I’ve been on here for 2 months so my commentary has a very small scope. But in my short duration on here I’ve decided to just keep at it and have faith that my talents will grow. You have to submit soooo many just to win one. hundreds of submissions per win. And keep in mind, even the very best vet creatives on here have to submit a ton of entries per win.

As for the confusion/frustration with the briefs. I think a lot of CHs are open minded and some don’t know what they want until they see it on the screen. The ratings help tremendously for me to gage what type of name they are after. if they truly want that key word included, or if they are being a stickler on the word count.

From one Freshman to another. Stick with it, I can look back on week 1 versus week 8 and already see I have improved and that has been encouraging.


Hey…I’ve been feeling discouraged lately too…and I am one of the “Senior” members. I have had a run the last month or so, where I can’t seem to make much “stick” at all… or if I do…then sometime in the process…my like it and loves its still seem to get downgraded to rejections sooner or later. I think most if not all of us sometime or another have these cycles and think about throwing in the towel,as it feels like a frustrating experience.I guess I am in a cycle that is not friendly to my style of naming currently.So you are not alone!

It took me two months before I got a single win…and that was with working at this constantly. There is definitely in my opinion, not only a learning curve to this…but also a cycle. I have a very particular style of naming (as most probably do) and sometimes it resonates with the CH and they love my names…and other times I get long strings of rejections.

I have to sometimes remind myself it’s not my names that are crummy(well, not usually,anyway! lol!)…but they just are not what appeals to that particular CH.

Just like anyone else…everyone has a different opinion of what names they like…and yes, I agree with Rareworthy, that sometimes I think we all scratch our head at some of the winning names,and at times feel they are really common or strange,or pedestrian and wonder why the CH couldn’t think for them themselves,or would choose them.Or I see winning names that are slight variations of names the CH themselves mentioned, or names that are uber common in the marketplace already for the same product. So you wonder why they would choose what they do.

But bottom line…it’s their dime…and CH’s are sometimes looking for different things then you think they should. I have had what I think are flashes of brilliance at times with a name…and have gotten excited to think I created the perfect name for the CH…only to have it rejected.Doesn’t mean your name wasn’t perfect…it just wasn’t the CH’s wavelength.

Sometimes it seems like a ring toss.Some CH’s give alot of info and you can get a pretty good grasp of what they want,and will give feedback and such.Others give you hardly any info at all,or ratings/feedback, and so it’s like you have to just toss some random names in and hoping something sticks.Many times the CH doesn’t know what they want til they see it, and you have to be a little flexible on their requirements unless they are very firm on them.

And tons of people join up here everyday who are not really cut out for naming,and I think make it harder for the rest of us…as they will bombard the CH with names that are maybe not the best,and frustrate the CH and make them give up.They think it is an easy moneymaker, (which we all know it’s not…it’s hard work!) so they don’t put in the thought and work into it to create good names.But on the flip side…some very good namers also join and give you great competition. If you are getting good ratings…then you most likely have a knack and should just hang in,as it will connect sooner or later.

I guess you have to ask yourself if it is worth being patient, getting more rejections than successes, and having hope but not expectations. There are no guarantees. You can have a cycle where you do great…then one where you keep coming up dry. So you have to be prepared to roll with it.

Best of luck!


Hello Jalissa!

Been here for quite some time now and yeah, I share the same sentiment with you especially with what some other fellow creatives calls a “Head Scratcher” winning entries. Just to share with you, about a week ago, I am expecting to win an (almost) Abandoned Contest. I was the only one with “Love it” rating for 1 month and 4 days and the CH has not log in for same duration of time. Naturally, I was just waiting for SH to announce me as the winner any time considering that on my personal observation and monitoring with a possible abandoned contests, CH who does not log in within 1 month and 3 days most likely falls down to the SH chosen winner. But lo and behold, on the 1 month and 5th day, when I checked on the contest, a winner was chosen by the CH and like I said, Its a not so cool one (In my humble and personal opinion) and made me scratch my head. Not only does it sound so simple as opposed to the CH’s requirement, I feel that it also violated the number of words and syllables stated in the brief and messages of the CH. Some may actually say that this is bitterness on my part… could be (LOL), but I know how to appreciate good names too, I have “liked” several winning entries which I lost to. Anyway, after that, there was another contest on my watchlist with about 8 “love it” including 1 from mine and the same thing happened. Those events is slowly killing my enthusiasm lately. I am not saying that I am about to quit now considering that I’m thankful to this platform for giving me a good challenge, a great way to kill a boring moment, and for the few bucks that I have earned with 1 contest won and 2 SH selected winning entries. Now, for your question on how I stay encouraged… lately, I’ve been seeing contest with $500-$700 guaranteed prize. It should be enough to keep me motivated and try again… Haha!


I am Asian so please forgive my english. :smiley:


Every word you wrote were the exact words i been feeling. I write books i own a business and i have named non profits and everything so each name i come up with for SH has been carefully created and i would stay up all the hours of the night and my husband would ask me if its even worth my time and effort. But your post has given me so much inspiration rareworthy! I applaud you for your hardwork and loyally to this place. And again i thank YOU :clap::open_hands::roll_eyes::right_anger_bubble:


I have to chuckle as my hubby has said the exact same thing to me so many times…what’s the payoff for all the hours you put in? He teasingly calls SH my “nonprofit project!” lol! I guess we are kinda crazy that way!


My Hubby refers to SquadHelp as “The Other Man” :smiley:


Thank you everyone for pitching in your thoughts on this and thank you @Jalissa for thinking what I said to be inspiring. I hope many that have been feeling down on their luck and feeling like throwing in the towel can at least take something away from what I said. I know it’s hard, everyone, trust me. We’re all going to have our bad days, weeks, and even months. But, if you’re still here through that, then you do belong here. You may belong here because of skill, drive, ambition, desire, many other reasons. We all have our stories. But, you belong here if you can literally be shot down 45 times in one day and still see a reason to come back. Me, I love it here. I honestly wish I had personal contact with many people here because I have grown to respect them and even care for them so much. Its not only the aspect I am here for, it’s the people too, its the opportunity, the creativity, and the vision I can see in my own mind of where SH could be in a year or 5 years time. I am like you, I have done many things on my own. I have named companies, startups, products, books, blogs, and even characters in books or children for people. Funny thing? I never got a dime from it. I didn’t know I could or even should! Until I found sites that wish they were similar to this one, but then had such horrendous practices that I about jumped for joy when I found SH. But, like everyone else, I have my own story. I am here not only because I want to be here and because of the people, but because this is sometimes the only thing I have. So I know that if I can strive from the position I am in to be here, that all of you – senior members included, that are so awesomely creative and remarkably talented, can as well! If you have the drive and tenacity and can get through the rejection the you belong here. After all, “If you can’t handle me at my worst, you sure don’t deserve me at my best!” is a good way to look at things. You’re going to have your bad times … but look out everyone else when you have your good ones!


@AlwriteyThen, Oh my, thanks for that laugh!!! I had a horrible week, and you brightened me up!


Thank you for taking a moment to respond Rhon. And your English was just fine. I have yet to stumble across a $500-$700 contest I have seen one $500 but it was for the invited only. But during my small absent from SH (which is why took me a bit to reply back to you) I returned to see that I have received a “love it” rating! So these encouraging words from you ladies along with the Happy Rating. I must say you all have really helped me build my confidence to stay in the race. Thanks again. I am truly grateful. :grin:


@rareworthy, you are a rare gem!

I’m putting on my broken record, but it took me 4 months of hard work to finally win a contest. Then it was another 4 to win another one and yet set of 4. ( I’[m not sure if I’m bragging or whining when I mention that ) There are plenty of people who are passionate about what we do but don’t win, nearly win or don’t win much. One of our creatives mentioned once, and I think it’s good advice, don’t think about the money or winning, just think about the fun of creating and perfecting your names. Then reread @rareworthy’s post. So to the heart…


To those that feel like throwing in the towel due to poor performance or just stark indignation, trust me, that feeling is quite ephemeral. Or maybe it’s just me! I’ve been on this site for a couple of months and many a times I’ve felt like "Damn it! This stuff isn’t for me.“:wink:. Until I put in some more entries and then, voila! I’ve won a contest. Personally, what I do when I’m frustrated or get that " It’s not for me” feeling, i simply free the annoying contests and enter a fresh one. Finally, I think it’s also important to know when you’ve actually just hit a rut! As for that, just take a little time off and maybe go skiing​:blush:. I’m Nigerian so that doesn’t apply to me, I simply go watch some SOCCER!


u are cooool mannnn…WoooHoooooooo


Promann… u did a great jobs too… I am here for several months already. Since i joined SH, my english vocabulary increasing a lot :grin: . Sometimes i joined a lot of contests, sometimes not ( determination really boost the result, and been up and down with it)
Oh few times i got reckless, i did put 25 entries in a row and all got no thank you phew. In one of contest, i got 23 NO THANK YOU, and 1 like and i won … woohoo.
To stay encouraged, i do something that i like ie take a walk, watching movies, have fun with family or my pets, or do other things too ( trade forex for example haha ) just to refresh my mind.

Thankyou rareworthy, hollygirl,woods30, promann for your encouragement and jalissa for open up this thread :D, kudos for all of the creatives here.


What an inspiring thread this is! And rareworthy, I do believe you’d shine as a speech writer, professional motivator or at the very least, copywriter. Very eloquent and clear :smile:
That said, I really do believe it’s a combination of cycles and individual ‘fit’ between CH and creative (s). Contest holders come in all types: Individual small business first-timer, established business owner with a creative block, ad agencies using us to outsource and more. Sometimes, it’s one lone person making the final decision, and other times, a group of people passing names back and forth for days or weeks before choosing one. This is also probably why the final choice doesn’t fit the brief–they think “wow, this is something I/we never thought of!” The ‘favorite’ name may change several times during the process. Lots of times, I’ve seen names of mine go from like to love to no thank you and back again. It’s a roller coaster for sure, and I try to stick with contests that make my brain start moving right away. The ones that I have to labor over (and I make myself nuts sometimes with them), I stay away from. Dry spell right now; my score has been all over the place and I don’t take it to heart; it’s just part of the ‘excitement’ :slight_smile:


@ArtsfarmStudio All career choices I hadn’t thought of :joy: I shall keep those in mind, lol. Not sure where I may go with them, if anywhere, but always something that’s good to have in the back of the mind. :gift_heart:

@LauraE You’re too sweet, thank you. :gift_heart:


Hmm …dont even know where to start…i believe if you guys check my profile and check my first 3 months y’all will have a slight understanding of how discouraged i was to continue after 3 months of thousands of entries without a single Win …But then i realized this isn’t all about me, even if all i could get in a day was on the right track i should appreciate it, as we have thousands of creatives on this plartform from all over the World… I met creatives like @lightless @Hollygirl and many more on this platform, and they have been winning years before i even heard about Squadhelp so do i expect to sign up and just in between a month start winning more contests above them (LOL)…My first source of encouragement is @promann a Nigerian Like me who proved with his relentless effort that their is always that contest where your creative and special entry is what the Ch is looking for…am sure if you check his profile you will understand what am saying…further, another source of my motivation was the pm i got from @ricojsuave which says
“Hi Whayasay
Seems like every contest you are right up in there. Very surprised you only have one win. Keep at it… you will probably be at the top of the leaderboard at some point”
…and here i am today working towards the top of the Leaderboard …even till now i still get no thank yous alot but i always believe i didn’t submit a bad entry, its just not what the Ch wants…nd guess what, few of those entries that got a no thank you from a Ch have gotten high ratings from another Ch…so pls don’t get discouraged …we are a squad…lets work and be call Geniuses


Yeah, I’ve struggled with discouragement, too. I’ve been much more active recently, gaining 3+ loves but only at about 75% right now. No chosen names. But…I know the skills I’m building now will help me build character and perhaps will help later in life. Maybe even help me win! Plus I’m having a good bit of fun doing this. Not as much fun as certain other things, but it doesn’t help if I compare too much…considering I need to focus on enjoying this in the first place :smiley:


@Jalissa - I echo literally everything everyone else has said and I wanted to add something.

I’ve been here since March and I had a hugely great start. But I need to say that in the last month something is different. I don’t know what it is but I have been struggling in my head to figure it out. I wish I could put the puzzle together because I just can’t figure it out. I, too, try so hard to stick to what is being asked for but I have even changed that up some because of winning names that were so far from what the CH said they wanted. But most of the time, I feel like I just can’t seem to “intuit” what the heck the CH wants! On SEVERAL, recently, I was on a huge roll coming up with what I thought were exactly what the CHs wanted, only get a ton of rejections. I’ve also had many LOVES end up as no thank yous.

I’ve had a really lousy month this month, not even hitting what I set as my own personal goal minimum.

Thank you for posting because I have been super discouraged and thinking about quitting. Typically, when I get really serious about quitting, I end up winning a contest. LOL. But, that has definitely not happened lately.

On the “rules” of contests. I have heard that the system defaults, for example, to one-word and the CHs sometimes don’t realize that has happened. Also, sometimes they say they want “one word” when in reality they want one special word and will accept an extension after it. In fact, I’ve been watching one particular contestant who is winning a lot of contests because of that very thing. I try so hard NOT to do that and that’s a mistake.