How do you manage your past entries?

Since I’ve been on Squadhelp about six months now, I feel like I should be doing something to keep track of old entries. I know at some point Squadhelp deletes the oldest entries to keep our list from becoming excessively long. I’ve downloaded the excel spreadsheet provided, but it’s not really easy to find relevant entries on there. Does anyone have a system for handling this? Or does everyone just forget about the past and keep coming up with all new entries?


Daisy, I’m kind of old school… but I put ALL of my entries in a Word document with the contest title. I also “try” to keep up with the ratings on them if I am in the running. I just keep a running document and I do it by year. It sounds like extra work but I can put it in the font I want, color code, etc… It helps me a lot. I can search it. I started to label the contests by type so I could find things better but that didn’t really help much so I stopped. I don’t like the excel spreadsheets for some reason. Also, withdrawn entries aren’t in it I don’t think. I write notes about various things, too, in my sheets. I put $300+ contests at the top of the sheet and then the others below those as I enter them from the top of that part.


I use program TablePro.
Please, try it! First, download your entries file, then run TablePro and open this file.
Hope You like it


Do you have to withdraw an entry to be able to you it in other contests?

Only if it’s a high-rated entry ( a like or love).

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