How do you manage your names database?


Hi guys! As time goes by, our database of ideas grows larger and larger. How do you manage yours? For start, I use the industry categories from squadhelp (Beauty&Cosmetics, Health, Construction,etc) and made word files with those categories. I took each name and put it in what seemed the best categories for it(one given name could be put just in one file, while another in many more files if it seemed appropiate for a wider range of industries). This seems to work for now, but I do not have such a huge database. How are you guys handling your names list? I imagine that for veteran namers this proved quite tricky, so maybe you imagined better systems.


Hey rare,
I have more recently taken to downloading my entries from the “My Entries” dashboard (upper part of the screen it says check domain availability - DOWNLOAD - View withdrawn entries. The download is only for one year, though, not a calendar year but say, October through October…

But I have always kept all my entries in word documents because I like to keep track of them and the outcomes of ones I am in the running for. I don’t have them organized by industries. I just have a document for names from this year, last year, etc.

@CRen - did you get my response on this question when you asked me recently?


Hi @Commulinks! No, I didn’t :disappointed: - I thought maybe you didn’t get my message lol. Obviously something is off with the pm - no email, no notification. Thanks for asking :slight_smile: I’m glad @raresfarcas brought this up b/c I’m trying to figure out the best way to manage all the names instead of just relying on memory and scrolling through pages of previous entries.


Ugh! I wrote you a long response, too!!!


Didn’t saw that download option, thank you! Unfortunatelly, I couldn’t just have one list, I have too bad of a memory :)) And scrolling the entire list for every contest seems a bit daunting. I do record a lot of names that I might never use, just in case someday they would fit a certain contest. My system didn’t proved bulletproof, as I sometimes miss opportunities - when I have time I check full list and I see myself proposing a name that I marked for ‘‘automotive’’ only in ‘‘fashion’’ contests or so :)) So, definitely not perfect, maybe others have better ideas.


Oh no, I’m sorry, what a waste! Well hopefully there will be some great ideas that circulate on this forum topic. Thanks @Commulinks


Glad to see I’m not the only one with a bad memory :smile:


I use the excel download to search for key words because the contest name is included in the download. So if you are looking for “sports”…you can search that word and find the names that had that word in the contest title. Not perfect, either. I also use it to search for words I have used in names.


Definitely keep your names organized outside of SH, things change here from time to time and it might affect your system. I like @Commulinks method, but using custom made excel table. At first I used “My Entries” SH page, but after some time you get too many repeating entries