How do you know if you're blocked from a contest?


I’ve been entering a contest.It’s disappeared from my view.Does this mean I’ve been blocked?


I think when you are blocked you get a message of some kind that it happened…when you try to enter. Is it possible the contest is paused?


I don’t think it’s paused,I usually see those.It just isn’t viewable anywhere I look.I clicked on"view contest where I’ve entered- zero results there.I even returned to my email where I got a message from ch- it took me to the contest page where I tried to withdraw the entry.I got a pop up that read" invalid id" or something like that.I just figured I can’t find it because I might have been blocked Thanks for the info


Hmmm that sounds like a blue button issue. It sounds to me like the contest was deleted!


Yeah,imma look one more time,if no results I’ll bb the issue.Thanks!!


Hey @Commulinks
I did find it in my Activity feed,it’s closed finalizing winner.That’s the only viewable option I could find.I bb’d it so the team could look into it.


Problem solved☺…it was a simple matter of clearing cache/cookies- duh smack for me not thinking of it in the first place😏


Not sure if this is the right thread to find out this info…but I had entered one entry into a contest that was rejected…and when the CH added more info,I realized I misunderstood his direction. I went back to enter more in the clearer direction…but was unable to as a notice came up saying something along the lines of I could not submit any names as the CH was limiting it to a small group of creatives or something like that. So did that mean I was blocked? I only submitted 1 experimental entry. Isnt that shortsighted for the CH to limit who can enter? To me,they could be passing up some great entries,as often you have to test several different styles of entries before you hit on what the CH is seeking.Sometimes their direction in the brief isnt clear at first,or they dont really know what they want until they’ve seen a bunch of entries.


Yes- it means you’re blocked right out of the gate. This has actually happened to me several times… Submitting one or two entries within the early entry period… CH completely changing direction without giving you a second chance. It hurts your percentage before you even get a fair chance. I’m sorry @hollygirl :frowning:


Oh man. I think that is the first time that’s happened to me. That is pretty precipitous for only one entry. Especially before they made it clear what they were looking for. Oh,well. What can’t be cured must be endured. That’s the pits to have to take a hit on my stats though.
Thanks for the response.


Ohhhh, I like that mindset, Holly! - Gonna remember that one. :kissing_heart:


Thanks! My grandma used to say that to me when I came across something that seemed out of my power to change\ fix. It frustrated me at first when she said that when I was a young girl…but with maturity I saw the wisdom in it. There are just some things you need to accept and deal with the best you can and move on!


It has happened to me once, too, almost identically. I was in the middle of subbing entries and I had subbed ONE.


My husband’s grandmother used to say " say Oh! and let it go" She was an incredible woman who conquered a lot of adversity in her life.


Sorry you got blocked…but Happy to see you here! Step by step, breath by breath :purple_heart:


I have just been blocked from an ongoing contest, yet, I am one of the top trending creatives in this particular contest. What really is the logic in this?


To be fair, I worry that this feature is going to have a lot more negative consequence than actual positive. I think SH could possibly negate these consequences getting out of hand and affecting more than just what it was originally created for. I suggest a warning system or something that can be used before blocking is allowed to be used and this system to also incorporate that feedback must have been given with the warnings or whatever can be given and it can’t be done one,two, three all at once. This would help give those that are at risk of being blocked in knowing about it, giving them a chance to alter their suggestion types, and also hopefully provide feedback that can not only serve to help the creative get on track but help the ch get the kind of entries they’re looking for. Just an idea.


Obviously, it is necessary to prohibit the CH to block creatives in the presence of good ratings at the program level


I guess I thought the reason for blocking was to prevent a person from submitting many nonsensical names, maybe there should be a certain number of submissions from a particular person before they are eligible to be blocked. Being blocked after one submission makes no sense and negativity impacts a percentage for no good reason.