How do the logo creatives get the realistic looking logos!

If graphics files can be uploaded in .ai or .eps, then must the program be Adobe? I just learned that Inkscape is a freeware vector graphics program, and my real Q is if we take time to learn it will SH accept winning Logo entries in Inkscape?

Logo contest winning art must be delivered in the .ai format, as well as several other file formats. There are no softwares other than Adobe Illustrator that can produce the appropriate .ai format file. Therefore, you must be designing your Squadhelp Contest logos in Adobe Illustrator.

Logo Contests should only be participated in if a Creative already has experience with and a detailed understanding of Adobe Illustrator.


This clears my mind on the specific program for Logo Contests, I was initially on Photoshop now I know better, thanks.

Logos are ONLY created in Adobe Illustrator which is a creative cloud application. Its professional level Vector graphics Software.

Illustrator is a vector based application, meaning that the art created in illustrator can be zoomed to infinity but will never pixelate like other raster based application like photoshop, gimp etc.

You are right. Logo needs to be a Vector. Pixel based or any other raster based deliverable is not accepted by SH or anyone for a logo requirement for that matter.

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As you have seen by now, Adobe Illustrator is the software to use. I have done some research and find currently the Adobe Illustrator can be purchased in “one-year blocks” which has to be renewed each year thereafter. This on-going fee is based on the continual updates and research Adobe does on Illustrator. There are older versions of Illustrator that can be purchased, but to my understanding, they probably do not have the most current updates. I also believe that unless one is familiar with Vector Graphics and “drawing” software, it may be advisable to go to a local tech school and take a course in Illustrator before making a software purchase… I do not believe it is a particularly “intuitive software” package. I believe the current one-year fee based on some pricing I saw on Amazon is about $300. I have mostly done naming also, but am considering taking a tech school course to expand my SH opportunity base. Winning 1 or 2 logo contests will more than offset the cost of the software, but as mentioned, one does have to know how to use it. I have had Adobe Photoshop and did not find it particularly “easy” to get a grasp on. Well, this is my 2 cents worth. Hope it helps

Hello Grayson,
Glad to hear that you are planning to start logo design as well. Its an amazing competition and you’ll enjoy every bit of it, even more if you win ;). You can get adobe’s Illustrator from creative cloud for about 20 dollars per month, you can try the software with their free trial.
Once you have illustrator its not mandatory that you need to join a tech school to learn it. There are millions of good tutorials all over the internet, I learned it the same way. You can start with .
Good Luck and hope to see your logo designs soon :slight_smile: Cheers!


Hello Sixthsense, and thanks for the web site lead (……). I will follow up on that. I had looked at some of the tutorials online but had not found them to be helpful to me. Perhaps I just had the “wrong” ones. The SH Creative Community is always pleasant to work with. Have a great day.