How Do Private Submissions Get Likes?

Just curious to know how private submissions get likes when nobody can see what they are? Am I missing something?

Hi @tkpro72 !

Our SH Team has discussed this before and have come to the conclusion that people might have unknowingly mistaken"Private Submission" as the actual winning name of a contest and “liked” it. Or fellow SH Creatives might have recognized the winner’s username and gave a “like” to show their support for winning the contest!!

-Rachel & The SH Team :blush:

Okay thank you. Must be awesome to have such loyal fans :+1:

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No problem, we are so thankful for all who participate. The SquadHelp community is definitely supportive and encouraging to one another!! :blush:

Hi, @RachelSH and Welcome. I’ve been meaning to ask how do we go about entering a private submission? Somewhere along the line I missed the memo about private submissions. I have looked thru the forums to find something on it, but couldn’t find anything. Please let me in on it.
Also while I have your attention, I spoke with someone last week about letting me know when I can have my messaging privileges back, though they never got back to me about it. It’s been a couple of months now, since they were taken away due to a forum fopa.

Many thanks! :+1:

@Kral , you can’t enter “private submissions”, some contest holders do not want their winning name published for one reason or another and they request from Squadhelp to keep the name private, so SH doesn’t show the winning name. You can usually click back into the contest and see a message on the comment board from SH admin saying the CH requested the private submission protection (not always–but most of the time). Maybe they are not ready to start their business, product, etc…and don’t want the name out there until they are ready.

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Hey, Thanks @jackieheraty! I appreciate it, thanks for taking the time to explain it to me. I feel like I’ve been out of the loop for quite some time now. During the summer months I’m out of town a lot and unable to really spend much time on here. Won’t actually be able to commit to any quality time on here until December.

Thanks again, Jackie!! :smile:

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I have also noticed sometimes a name will be shown for a short time before it goes to “Private Submission”. I liked a name once and when I went back later the name had been changed to a private submission…so that could be another possibility as well ??

I definitely agree that the “support” for the fellow creative sounds reasonable.

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Hello @Kral !

Thank you everyone has been so welcoming! To answer your first question yes, @jackieheraty is exactly right! SquadHelp offers this feature to Contest Holders who would like to keep their winning name private. Reasons for requesting privacy vary but it is just as Jackie said, they might not be ready to share their business, product, or service yet!

To answer your second question I will look into this and will be sending you a private message :blush:


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In a prior Private Submission contest, the name showed up briefly on the winner’s board, apparently right after it was picked. I clicked like on that one, but the next time I was on the website, it had been changed to Private Submission.

Thanks so much @RachelSH, for your quick response and help. I appreciate it!!! Have a great weekend everyone. :smiley: