How do I withdraw entries?

Sorry, but I am not finding anything on how to do this in FAQ or via google search. Can anyone tell me how to do this please?

Hmmm thanks for the try, but I do not seem to have any options like such.

I have the Entry name beside it is a un-filled heart, below it lists the CH with a link to the contest. However there is no option arrow.

Am I missing some prerequisite?


You have to go to the contest page. Once at the contest page brief, next to that tab will say “Entries”. Click on that tab. Scroll down to the names you’ve entered in the contest. The downward pointing arrow will be to the right of that. Click on that and it will give you the option to “withdraw” the entry from the contest.


Amazing! That was it; I was in the wrong spot. I have been looking at the ‘My Entries’ from my account drop down.

I found exactly where you specified, thank you so much!


You’re very welcome!