How do I upload a pic from my webcam for my profile?

I tried taking a pic of myself from my webcam. I clicked on “webcam” and clicked “capture”, but I couldn’t get any further than that. When I tried to click “upload”, it said “no file chosen”. What am I doing wrong? Please help!

Assuming you have a windows pc try taking a picture with your webcam and then saving it onto your desktop, the way to do this will usually be listed under ‘file’ or under a ‘save’ icon or something similar. When the box comes up for you to choose where to save it, navigate to select on your desktop and then click ‘save’. Then come onto SH and go to your profile(s) and click ‘upload’ instead of ‘webcam’ and navigate to your desktop and to the pic you saved there, select it, then click ‘open’ and you should be able to move forward from there.