How do I see my *recently* closed contests?

When I want to check on closed contests (ones where I participated) to see which names won, I have to scroll and scroll through the closed contests because they’re currently sorted by the date the contest was posted (not the date the contest was closed). Is there a better way to do this?

I know you can see ‘recent winners’ but I can’t filter out contests where I didn’t participate.


Go here:
On the left column, choose Contests participated in by me and “Closed”

But I don’t use that. This is what I do, which narrows it down a lot more.
I put contests on my watchlist that I have a chance of winning.
Then, there is a tab for my watchlist.
Choose “closed” in the dropdown on My Watchlist. And you will see the ones you want.
The problem with this (which I have asked SH to change) is that you have to keep going back to the list over and over to remove things. But at least you can see this as a very short list of only those your participated in and those you felt you had a chance of winning.

I only put contests on my watchlist if I am a top contributor. That doesn’t always mean “loves” because in some contests I have likes but there are others with love so I don’t put those on my list. In others I have “On the right track” but there are no loves or likes.

Thanks! Doing it by filtering the ‘contests’ page still seems to sort by date posted rather than date closed (so recently awarded contests might be hidden at the bottom) but I’m going to try your watchlist method. For me, even in the contests where I don’t get high ratings, I still like to see which names are winning so I can keep improving my naming techniques and better cater to CHs. I appreciate the tips!

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