How do I add an entry to my shortlist?


I have an entry marked as “Love It”, but it is not appearing in my shortlist. Is there a way to add it? I can’t find any option to do so.


Hi @Brandon_Babcock!

I tried to do some digging for you, and I’m assuming that you’re a contest holder? If so, from going through the FAQs for you, all I could find is that you can shortlist entries from your contest dashboard page. That’s all I can find out for you, I would suggest tagging @grant to this if this doesn’t help any, which I just did, and he may be able to help you better. If you’re in need of quick assistance, you can contact Squadhelp directly by clicking the little blue chat bubble that should be at the right or left bottom of most pages (not all, so just click around and/or even go into your contest page and it should show up there) and then the chat box will pop-up for you and then you can type in there your inquiry. Just tell them what the situation is and ask them how you’re supposed to do it, like you did here.


@Brandon_Babcock - Thank you for letting us know, and sorry for the inconvenience. Our customer service team has reach out to work with you on this.