How can you tell which contests you might get money for

Hi! Just wondering if there’s an easy way to tell which contests you might get cha-ching money for? Thanks!

Here you go @Bijoutika

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Unfortunately this isn’t what I mean t. I meant is there a button or category you can go to and see a list of contests that you might get money for? Maybe they say something like Have gone to SH for final decision or something like that? Thanks!

There is no way to figure out which contest will be aabandoned. I add any contests where I received a high rating to my watchlist. When the CH hasn’t been active for at least 30 days, I add a tag I called “SPLIT” . Thats the way I’ve monitored mine


You can’t cha-Ching from any contest unless you suggest a great name that the Client loves in the first place, no matter whether it’s a $100 contest or a $500 contest.