How can Squadhelp help protect our creativity better?

I am feeling a bit dishearted lately. I have been a Squadhelp member since June 2017 and the effort and time I have put into building my profile and account has taken years. I was hoping Squadhelp can try and protect the creatives just as much as they protect the money-making side of the platform? I do feel elated when I have won a competition, but that is only a fraction reward for the time and effort put in. I wish we are not in so indisposable. I also wish there was a way to protect names/ real creative names that you thought about and then used it for months, before realising it is taken, and every time I report it, the CH only says he did not register it?? Then to email Squadhelp and the customer service adviser saying - you don’t have to enter any competitions if you do not want to really - this happened more than a year ago. Maybe I should just close my account.


I understand your feelings, @MaddydeBeer. I think you raise two different issues, though. On the issue of protecting intellectual property, SH does what they can, but in all honesty, the only way to really protect a name is to register it yourself. On the issue of feeling disposable, I absolutely think SH could do more to show creatives they are valued and respected. With an endless stream of new users, I think it is easy to lose sight of that. I’ve only been here since 2017, but I have already seen many great creatives leave, and that turnover is both sad and detrimental to the SH community. Whether you choose to stay or go, I wish you all the best in naming, and I encourage you to keep looking for opportunities to share your talent.


Thank you very much for your feedback and your email and acknowledgement. I am grateful and I appreciate it. And, yes after reading your email I realized it’s not that straightforward…still I wished we could have found a way to protect our work better, and felt more valued.
I think I will take a break, and take time out, before making any decisions. Sometimes it’s better to not make decisions when emotionally upse.
But thanks again, just receiving this email made me feel better.
Best wishes


Crowdsourcing has good and bad sides. Bad side is that we are disposable. Good side is that we have no obligation towards SH. There are thousands of texts about pros and cons of crowdsourcing platforms, I’ve read just a few and they made me understand that this shouldn’t be my primary source of income. If you are rethinking your participation on SH, why not just limit your time and effort here. Who knows, maybe you’ll get lucky without expecting it.


Dear Avram,
Many thanks for your message, I really appreciate it. As you mentioned, there are loads of pros and cons, and maybe I want squadhelp to be something they are not!
Thanks for making me chuckle when you said take a break and be surprised lol.
I’m really really sorry about your experiences with registrations as well. !!!
Take care


Good things don’t come easily remember, I’m kinda in your shoes, but throwing in the towel is what I’m not sure of. I deal with tons of NTYs every month, matter of fact, even right now… but then this line from JAY Z Young Forever keeps me moving “We don’t have the power, but we’ll never say never” chuckles*


Thanks Bluespice
Really appreciated your great comment and the reference you made!!
Hope you will have a great day