How can Squadhelp help protect our creativity better?

I am feeling a bit dishearted lately. I have been a Squadhelp member since June 2017 and the effort and time I have put into building my profile and account has taken years. I was hoping Squadhelp can try and protect the creatives just as much as they protect the money-making side of the platform? I do feel elated when I have won a competition, but that is only a fraction reward for the time and effort put in. I wish we are not in so indisposable. I also wish there was a way to protect names/ real creative names that you thought about and then used it for months, before realising it is taken, and every time I report it, the CH only says he did not register it?? Then to email Squadhelp and the customer service adviser saying - you don’t have to enter any competitions if you do not want to really - this happened more than a year ago. Maybe I should just close my account.


I understand your feelings, @MaddydeBeer. I think you raise two different issues, though. On the issue of protecting intellectual property, SH does what they can, but in all honesty, the only way to really protect a name is to register it yourself. On the issue of feeling disposable, I absolutely think SH could do more to show creatives they are valued and respected. With an endless stream of new users, I think it is easy to lose sight of that. I’ve only been here since 2017, but I have already seen many great creatives leave, and that turnover is both sad and detrimental to the SH community. Whether you choose to stay or go, I wish you all the best in naming, and I encourage you to keep looking for opportunities to share your talent.


Thank you very much for your feedback and your email and acknowledgement. I am grateful and I appreciate it. And, yes after reading your email I realized it’s not that straightforward…still I wished we could have found a way to protect our work better, and felt more valued.
I think I will take a break, and take time out, before making any decisions. Sometimes it’s better to not make decisions when emotionally upse.
But thanks again, just receiving this email made me feel better.
Best wishes


Crowdsourcing has good and bad sides. Bad side is that we are disposable. Good side is that we have no obligation towards SH. There are thousands of texts about pros and cons of crowdsourcing platforms, I’ve read just a few and they made me understand that this shouldn’t be my primary source of income. If you are rethinking your participation on SH, why not just limit your time and effort here. Who knows, maybe you’ll get lucky without expecting it.


Dear Avram,
Many thanks for your message, I really appreciate it. As you mentioned, there are loads of pros and cons, and maybe I want squadhelp to be something they are not!
Thanks for making me chuckle when you said take a break and be surprised lol.
I’m really really sorry about your experiences with registrations as well. !!!
Take care


Good things don’t come easily remember, I’m kinda in your shoes, but throwing in the towel is what I’m not sure of. I deal with tons of NTYs every month, matter of fact, even right now… but then this line from JAY Z Young Forever keeps me moving “We don’t have the power, but we’ll never say never” chuckles*


Thanks Bluespice
Really appreciated your great comment and the reference you made!!
Hope you will have a great day


Hi there Maddy! I am pretty knew to this site but the issue of domains mysteriously being registered after you admit them is something i also have been noticing! I’ve been a member for a little more than 3 months and i am close to 20 entries that have been registered after I admitted them to a contest, lately there is a new trend of entries being registered but after 30 days which means that the likelihood of a follow up is even less??? Makes you wonder if it is just bad luck, the CH or…? Of course this feels bad because we all do put a lot of effort in to coming up with these names, and i would guess that many of us do it not only for the money, but anyway the protection of our creative ideas is a serious issue!


Good Evening Bullen,

Firstly thank you for your email and message.
I totally understand what angle you are coming from, seeing thats why I posted my message a coule of months ago…

There are two reasons. I feel these are my personal feelings and observations and I will be as honest as possible. I have been entering competitions since July 2017 when I came on board, but I only started participating in the forum the beginning of January 2020

Since them I learned a lot and understood a lot more about how the site works. I feel SH could help creatives better because only until I, just like yourself, came to the forum, and took the time to read and participate, I did not know all the rules. I always read all the new updates but its just not the same.

Secondly I learned that SH can not prevent CH’s from being dishonest. In the virtual world you rely on them to do the right thing. And some contest holders realised that the only repocution from SH is an email asking them did you do the right thing by the creative? And sadly the dishonest CH’s learned that there is no repocutions. (The good ones still out weigh the bad ones) Since then, I register my names i feel quite passionate about.( we all have those special ones)

Also, did you realise when entering competitions that some of your names, after submission, has a pop up telling you this name has been entered by x number off creatives this x amount off times? Onlu for me to think, it was my idea and only my :bulb:

But alas we are all creatives Bullen with beautiful creative minds. One thing I feel SH can help with, is to put together a mailing list with all the creatives email addresses, and then send an email to inform us to read, when an important update was posted. This will help tremendously with keeping up-to-date with all new developments. Because I now understand we are not employed by SH… and they dont owe us anything, however we all do contribute creatively to one of the best sites in the world!

To sum up, stay positive Bullen but don’t ask the CH’s to rate your entries please lol lol :laughing:
God Bless in a time when the world and the people need it more than ever
Stay safe


There is one thing SH can do - make CHs share as much personal info as we creatives do. Verified LinkedIn profile is bare minimum they should provide. It doesn’t have to be visible to everyone, to avoid the risk of creatives contacting CH outside of the SH platform.


Very good idea. Anything extra that would make them aware that they are being checked will certainly help. :))


These are great points by @MaddydeBeer and everyone.

Something that I also hadn’t considered until now — what, exactly, is the follow-up procedure (if any) for contests that don’t involve domain registration, where people are just looking for a name, or tagline?

It seems like it would be difficult for SH and individual creatives to follow-up on those…but who’s to say that a company that is using the platform to generate dozens to hundreds of ideas won’t change directions after the contest, or decide to use a name that was submitted (but didn’t win)? There doesn’t seem to be a system in place for that — and admittedly, it would be difficult to monitor.

But if a fairly large company solicited for names on SH and a year later I saw my product name out in the marketplace, with zero acknowledgement for it, I’d be pretty upset.

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Thanks for you response MaddydeBeer and yes i will be careful with my questions in the future lol :laughing:/ Bullen


Hi All,

One of the things that will surely help you get over the disappointments with registered names is knowing that literally millions of domains are registered every month. If a name you though up is fantastic it is better to register it to protect it - this is a very costly lesson I learned since I wasn’t very savvy when I started my business 2 decades ago. Now as an experienced brand consultant and domainer I know which ideas to protect and which to not - and I never feel bad about the ones I didn’t think were good enough to protect.

Secondly we need to be aware that 100k other creatives are naming on this platform. So it is no surprise that often the ideas we think of have been submitted dozens of times. Since you thought of the idea independently though others have thought of it before you still can register it and put your money where your gut feeling is about the name. The only owner of a domain name idea is the one who registers it.

Finally, though we are all highly creative we all have our dips in creativity so it is important to know when to draw the line and take a break. For me it is when I don’t feel it is fun anymore. Then I know I need to go away for a while and come back with the correct perspective and just enjoy the contests. I have had many dozens of my submissions registered and now I don’t even check. The simple reason being I don’t want to be stressed when neither me nor poor SH team can do anything about registrations that could have been done by anyone around the world. We should however continue to report those which seem to have a high probability but not expect too much from doing it.

Wishing more success to each of you.
Tc and stay safe.


I would like to see a type of procedure or protocol set up by SH when a creative finds out with 100% proof that their domain was registered by the CH. It seems to me that the CH has found ways to go around registering and it isn’t identified with WHOIS. When the creative is reaching out for help using the BB, unfortunately, it is hard to get the point across that the WHOIS info doesn’t tell the whole picture.

Perhaps SH can secure extra money that is held in “escrow,” for a period of time from the CH, and will be released back to them after a stated time to ensure they do not register domains they have seen during the contest…If the CH does register a name or names, then that money can go to the Creatives when it is proven their names were registered.


Honestly, I think that paying creatives more on contests would lessen the blows. I think that is the only solution. But SH did that already. This is a subject in the public forum… and contests holders can read this forum if they find it. So over the years what I have observed is that we keep talking about this on the public forum and, well, we just contribute to the problem in case nobody “thought of that” already. You know what I am talking about. At this point, though, the cat is way out of the bag and has been for a long time.

I never look at my past entries anymore because it used to upset me so much. When you work on contests and you win a lot, you take the hits. When you work on the platform a lot and don’t win much, all of the losses are even harder. And seriously, I don’t think there is anything more SH can do about it. They do more than any other naming site does, that is for sure. The only thing you can do is decide if it is worth it to you, based on your wins. Money rules in this.

I think @SmartWebby said it best. I love @exceptionaldeb 's idea… except the same problem comes into play: proof.

I started looking up my marketplace names once to see if anyone is using them. Most of them are names I used in contests and added to the marketplace later. Well, you know what I learned when I did that, right? So, I will tell you that if you can, utilize the marketplace and protect your best names.


Good idea about escrow, @exceptionaldeb. Escrow might also encourage CHs not to abandon contests, or to declare a winner in a certain time frame.

What happens when a contest specifies .com, but the CH is from Australia (and may end up using In this situation, it seems that they could easily leave the .com unregistered, and use whatever name ideas they want for the (Unless SH is checking for this, as well — any idea?)

@grant I’d also love to hear what SH’s stance is on usage of contest submissions that aren’t traceable via domain registrations, like taglines and product names. (I’m new, so if that’s in the FAQs, let me know!) WhoIS checks are easy to automate, but names that aren’t tied a .com are more challenging to monitor. It seems like it’s pretty easy for CHs to run off with a list of ideas (even ones they downvoted) and use them however they like post-contest.

I get that with crowdsourcing there’s some risk, and I’m mostly entering contests for fun. I truly enjoy the platform, but without safeguards in place, it seems like giving away ideas for the equivalent of what these companies would normally pay per hour for these types of creative services.


@Commulinks - Deja Vu! :smiley: Though i too feel we shouldn’t keep talking about this, there is nothing we can do as it will keep being brought up again and again by people who don’t understand this business more comprehensively. It is easier to get hurt looking through a narrower perspective so isn’t it better we help them cope? Maybe this and other similar threads could be made exclusive only for creatives.

Regarding the Escrow idea, it sure won’t work (No Proof as you said) plus will overcomplicate the platform. We just need to make peace with it and hope for the best as the odds are in our favor and as Integrity sure can’t be taught/forced.


Good Morning DomainSuShi

Hope all well.

Thanks for your email and question. As I explained to Bullen, as far as I know there is only an email sent to the CH’s asking them to do the right thing by us if they have registered it.

I know this is a very delicate issue and situation and there is a lot of grey areas. Initially I used to feel upset because I felt my ideas :bulb: and IP is not protected on the site. But after reflection I realised that SH can not protect all our ideas - we have to do that ourselves by registering our names. That seems to be the only solution. But like others have said on here, SH can try to put more legal pressure on CHs so they don’t feel that they can just take without proper remuneration for all involved.

I wish you a great Wacky Wednesday
Best wishes


Creatives, i need us to sign the petition, it’s one of the best ways to improve the site better