How can someone use your name if you don't win?

Even though I did not win a particular contest for my name,as I guess they were naming a company,and I thought we were naming the product…they private messaged me and said they loved my name and are planning to use my name for the product. While that is flattering…what is the protocol for that when I did not win the contest or get paid? If they liked my name, and didn’t choose me as the winner…how does that entitle them to my name? I’m confused.


Good question. If they use your name, you should most definitely be paid.


Give @dan all the details via private message. That’s the best first step to take.


@hollygirl, are you referring to the email you received which said “Congratulations, you have received a bonus”?

I received a private email from CH saying they wanted to use my name for their product. I got an email after saying they were going to give me a $25 bonus. Is this a typical thing to happen? If they like two names, wouldn’t they usually have 2 winners and split the money? It’s all ok…just was confused by what happened. I’m glad they liked my name anyway. They’re sweet people.Thanks~

I feel $25 is disproportionate ‘if’ the prize is $200.


The prize was $100…and they said they were going to raise my bonus to $50…which would be half…so I’m ok with that. She is super nice and the contest was for a good cause…so it’s fine .