How are names being entered that are not available

? I dont understand…whats going on

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I didnt want to mention a specific contest but since you highlighted it :wink:

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Thank you… I’m glad I wasn’t the only one confused… haha

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I figured it out. It’s with a capital “i” instead of an “l”…


That contest holder is gonna be TICKED!


I have recently experienced glitches with submitting names or.coms saying it was available and then when I clicked submit it switches to not available. Maybe one of his got by? Doubt it, but thought I’d throw that out there…

No @AmandaWhite I copied and pasted the winning name and it is spelled It looks like Vitalife but the “l” is actually an uppercase “i”. I would imagine the CH probably assumes it’s an “l” by looking at it, like we did…

We are looking into this contest and how the name was allowed to be submitted. However, hope its not too much to ask to give us some time to investigate and determine whether indeed there was some gaming or if there was a system glitch that allowed the name to be submitted. We can not start name calling someone, especially when we have not even investigated the issue. I would like to remind everyone about our messaging policy in this matter and we take it very seriously.

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capital dont make no difference

Yes it does. Can you tell the difference between these? and

They are different although they look the same. One is an “l” and the other is an uppercase “i”.

Sorry Dan. I strongly feel there is no justice in this world though. :smile:

I just hope the CH knows he/she picked and not actually

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@kreativekim is correct. This appears to be a name that was submitted with incorrect spelling (two “i”'s). It is certainly misleading, and we will followup with the CH if they prefer to select a different winner (in case they were not aware of this issue).


in terms of a domain being available a capital letter makes no difference

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Clever catch @kreativekim I never would have figured that out, lol!


That’s the route I would go! if the CH was aware then that’s a different story, AII together < anybody catch All

I guess it’s the curious Gemini in me, haha… I HAD to know how in the world that name got by!!!


I actually tried to enter that name and the domain wasn’t available.

why would you enter a capital I instead of an L if only to confuse people they are not that close on the keyboard

This is with the “EYE”