How about free coins after each sale?

I think it would be cool if SH could consider giving some free coins to sellers after each sale. A competitor marketplace gives sellers free credits after each sale. I think it’s a nice gesture and at the same time encourages more submissions from the seller which could be beneficial to SH as well in the long run.

Thanks for the consideration & keep crushing it.


This is a very good idea; it would not hurt to add a percentile increase as well. Selling a domain is much better than a bunch of ephemeral CH estimates. If the potential customer did not open the contest, but immediately bought the name, it means that the creative-domainer did his job with honors.But coins are certainly better


Or a couple free superboosts after a sale. Because currently, once your yearly tier rewards are used up, you have no way to superboost names, even with coins.


@ALDaisy1 Personally I prefer coins. I don’t really know how helpful superboosts are and haven’t used many. I just checked and I have 106 free ones still waiting to be used. Coins can be used for various purposes including boosts (though not in the case you mentioned apparently), so coins should be helpful to everybody in some way or other. I can support a couple of free super boosts too, but coins are definitely my first choice.


@moretal yep, I’m the opposite, I have coins sitting unused because I’m not submitting many new names. Either way, I agree some type of incentive would be nice.


Love these ideas. A hybrid model might actually work, too! Superboosts AND coins - or give us a choice!