Houston, we have a problem


Where is the bell?
The case of the missing bell.


I like the bell! I want it back!


They were having some issues with the bell yesterday. Some messages were going to the wrong creative. So this is probably just temporary while the glitch is fixed.


Thanks @ALDaisy1, I hope they work through that problem. I enjoyed getting notices.


Hi All - We are working on some glitches with the notification system (the bell). We will add it back as soon as they are resolved. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Is everyone’s bell working properly now? Ever since it reappeared, I am no longer getting notifications. I did report via blue button but none of the suggested steps have fixed it. Just wondering if I’m the only one without a functioning bell.


My bell has not worked since the change. My envelope doesn’t work either. I have blue-buttoned as well.


Mine is not working either - nor is my envelope showing messages.


Thanks @lushell and @tristine24, sorry you are having issues but kind of glad it is not only me. It’s been slow on here the last week or so (probably bc of the holiday) and with few ratings and absolutely no notifications, it’s getting me down, tbh.


It has been a rough week - very few ratings here either… just slow… like molasses in wintertime. I feel like I’ve been off my game for months now… but c’est la vie!


The envelopes haven’t been working for a quite a while now. I brought it up and they said it was being looked at. Nothing ever fixed for me, thought it was just me.


Ok, mine had notifications this morning! I think it’s back for me!


Mine is working now, as well. :slight_smile: