Honing and Adding to Marketplace Categories


I am sure that everyone has noticed some category differences for the marketplace and some categories that are missing. Now that the marketplace is growing so fast and the categories that exist are so saturated with names that you sometimes can’t even find your name if you scroll, I have suggested to SH that some MAIN, new categories be added. There are also some main categories in the dropdown when you choose them that do not match the actual main categories in the marketplace.

I am starting this string to ask all of you to report these as you find them or think of new ones that need to be added as “MAIN” categories. (Those are the ones in bold if you go to the marketplace and look in the left column.)

I believe this will help to keep our names curating well and SEEN.

This is the reason many names suddenly seem to go out of favor. They drop so low in the category they are in that no buyer is even finding them. The scroll times out and most buyers (per SH) don’t go past 10 rows.

So please add your ideas for main categories here that you feel are missing and report those that do not match the drop down choices when you add your name.

Here are just two of mine…
Add manufacturing
Fix Outdoors (gear, camping, etc) - there is a category for this in the marketplace, but that item doesn’t exist in the dropdown choices.

I have some “don’t match” ones, too… but I forgot what they are at the moment.
Thanks all


How about a category for abstract? For people/companies searching for unique names that don’t necessarily mean anything.

Also, “narrow by style” are still options, but we can’t add those options to our listings any longer. So names might not be seen because they aren’t able to be filtered in that way.


Good ideas @Commulinks
My hang up with current marketplace is…before the boost was added 30% of my premium domains remained in the top 10%.I’ve just given up on searching for mine- I don’t feel the current point system is worth using to boost for seven days.Just my 2% :wink::wink:


Great idea @Commulinks! How about a category for 4 char domains?

IMHO Really saturated marketplace pages and there seem to be errors too. Today I just clicked 5 letter category to see if mine show and the page was filled with non-5-character domains.


The most annoying thing to me is how when you click on one of the categories listed horizontally under the keyword search bar, the search results are completely unrelated to what you clicked. You have to click the options listed vertically on the left if you want relevant results. It’s stupid. Either remove the categories listed under the search bar, or fix the links. Most people will click those first because they are at the top and have illustrations beside them.
edit: This is fixed now! A big improvement, thanks.


The most annoying thing to me is the same names are at the top of the list all the time in more than 3 categories.


Website category only have 6 domains listed, then i thought i want to move some names into that category, but failed, i couldnt find that Website category


Yes, thank you FX! You know how it is, these are only top of mind while you are trying to do it.


I just remembered one I have wanted to use several times:


Thanks for the feedback. We will be updating this list and adding more options in the near future.


Thank you so much, Grant! We will keep adding ideas here as we encounter missing ones, etc. I imagine you guys already have some in mind, too.


Add Energy Industry please! As a main category! Any kind of energy…broadly solar, oil and gas, wind…


Maybe categories by syllables? Such as one syllable names, 2 syllables, 3 syllables.